Happy Birthday if it’s your birthday this week!

If you’ve turned 100, 75, 50, 25 or five this week or last week (or will next week) … Happy Birthday!

Not to be exclusive, if you have a birthday year that fits within anyone of those dates in this week of July, then Happy Birthday to you too …

Why is this important?

A birthday is a special day for someone. It is a day to be recognized and honoured.

Everyone deserves a Happy Birthday song sung to them on their birthday.

If it’s your birthday, then let everyone know.

Sing a song, ‘the Happy Birthday song’, or other beautiful songs … to celebrate your birthday and your mother’s gift of life to you.

A birthday is a time to recognize that other people live on the planet and have birthdays, just like you do.

If someone does not acknowledge it or celebrate your birthday, then they might miss out on something special.

As an action point

For the self-absorbed promoters (narcissists) in the community, this is the time to put your device down. Then look around. What do you see? Do you see other people on the planet, walking around and driving around near you?

It’s time to positive mirror for good fortune …

If you want other people to recognize and celebrate you and your achievements– then get used to ‘positive mirroring’.

Positive mirroring is doing what you want for yourself – but for others. It’s an active participation in bringing good into your community.

Actively role modelling what you want to happen to you is a more productive way to bring happiness into your life. It’s a more effective way of showing the world how you’d like it to be for yourself and for others.

(As some radio jocks say, “Work with me here …”)

That is to say, what you give out comes back to you. It’s also known as karmic resonance.

If you want something special to happen to you, then become active! Make the same special thing happen for someone else that you want to happen in your own life.

Who’s turned another year older this week?

I know one guy, now living in Florida, USA who turns 75 this July. Here is my big opportunity to wish a Happy Birthday to him!

I’ve known him a long time and always as a filial associate.

I first met him in London, UK, a few decades ago in an art gallery. I mistook him for a Hollywood movie star and thought I had walked into a film set.

I was a little star-struck. He was standing there looking every bit like an All-American rodeo cowboy champion.

He said he thought I must be in television or on radio because my voice was ‘cultivated’. Then he asked which channel should he ‘tune into’ so he could tell his friends that he’d met me in London, England.

I did quickly pinch myself. I did look like a book-worm in those days so wondered why someone would say such things to me. (I did not have the confidence I have now).

His wife spoke and said that they were travelling on vacation with their young daughters from the USA. They were visiting the UK with his parents.

His father was busy at work representing a business matter and had meetings to attend in London.

It later transpired that the ‘birthday guy’ went on to take over his father’s role in the family business. He was also a success in the family’s world of work.

Turning point

It was important for me to know this family during my time working in London. Their view of the world gave me a broader perspective.

In talking with them, and hearing about the American way of life, I was able to gain a different perspective on my life in Australia.

I also gained a new view of my relationship with my English family and my working relationships with people in the UK.

It was an important meeting for my personal and professional development. I feel lucky to have met him and his family.

Fast forward

I met his family again in London three years later when on a work assignment. Our paths crossed at the Tower of London as tourists. He and his family were on vacation from the USA again and I was touring the museum for a work matter.

We stood and talked and laughed together.  We remembered meeting the last time and laughed that we’d met again. We laughed at our luck. It was another serendipitous meeting.

Ten years later, in Washington, D.C., his family was deeply engrossed in business matters. I visited that beautiful city for work reasons. Good fortune came my way and, happily, I met his family again. One year later, we met again in Washington, this time for mutual work matters.

Inspiring people

Meeting the ‘birthday guy’ in the art gallery and talking with his family inspired me to take a second look at what I want from life. And what I want to give to life.

Meeting his family encouraged me to take a different course of professional development. That decision has made all the difference to my career.

Sometimes a seemingly innocuous meeting can shape the way a person sees the world – and all for the better.

That American guy, who has a birthday this week, took the time to talk a bit about his life and his business attitude. He already owned one sporting club at such a young age. I was impressed enough to listen.

His business story showed me a view of life that was not readily available from the people in my home life or from the teachers at my schools. He became a role model.

With thanks

That innocent meeting made difference in my life.

So, with grateful thanks, here’s a special Happy Birthday to the ‘birthday guy’ who told me to “Go for It”.

In the middle of this pandemic, I’m reaching out and singing Happy Birthday … across the miles for the ‘birthday guy’ for yet another year! 

I hope it’s a truly wonderful day for the ‘birthday guy’ and his family.

May there be many more cerulean (sky blue) days ahead.


Text uploaded 06 July 2021.
Text copyright Fiona Rothchilds 2021.
Photo image copyright Fiona Rothchilds 2021