Mothers Day is a good time of the year to be selfless. It’s not your fault that you’re human. Your Mother made you that way. But sometimes Mother’s grit their teeth when their offspring do things which they wish hadn’t been done.

Sometimes offspring say things that, probably, in hindsight, shouldn’t have been said … to Mothers.

In general, Mothers are tolerant and kind. But they are not cars which you can take to the Auto repair shop to have fixed under your car insurance scheme. Every relationship needs repairing now and then.

To put it another way, your Mother put up with nine months of knowing you when you did not even know that you existed.

She put up with the kicks, the indigestion, the food temptations, her sore back, sore legs, the heartache and heartburn that goes along with maternity to bring you into the world.

On Selfish versus Selfless tasks

A Mother was selfless to make you and to deliver you. Being selfless in return on Mothers Day is one way to repair the hurts which you might have caused her along life’s road.

In point of fact, you are in the world because of your Mother. In other words, she was your creator and your first carer.

If you are the selfish type and always put yourself first, then try to be nice on Mothers Day. Think of your own Mother. Why not thank your Mother for her existence and your existence?

It is a very small thing which you can do to make sure that she continues to recognize you, remembers you and plans to be with you in the future.

On Mothers Day

Would it be possible to be nice, supportive, kind, attentive and caring on Mothers Day? Listen to your Mother’s story about how you came to be alive.

If you did anything to upset your Mother or make your Mother feel uncomfortable or unwelcome, then listen to what your Mother tells you. Perhaps think of asking her one or two of these suggested questions:

“How did I come into the world?
Who was present at my birth?
Who first held me?
What was happening in the world on the day of my birth?
What do you hope I will do with my life on the planet?”

How to communicate with your Mother

When your Mother has finished talking, why not then apologize to her?

“I think that sometimes I might have been less of a son/daughter than you hoped for.  Sorry Mum.”

Some people would say that is a good way to apologize. Is it a good idea to remember from whom you originated?

That is to say, you are on the planet because your Mother brought you into the world. Without her considerable efforts all those years ago, you would not exist.

What will work for you, Mum?  Anything I can do to help, Mum?

Then make plans for the future with your Mother in your life. The proverb applies “He that would the daughter win, must with the mother first begin.” *

Would it be a good idea to be nice to your Mother on Mothers Day? After all, you need her goodwill. This particularly applies if you plan to include her in your own family in the future.

In other words, remember to future proof. Why not try to celebrate Mothers Day in a nice way for your Mother’s sake?

*Proverb 283, ‘He that would the daughter win, must with the mother first begin’, English Proverbs Explained, Ronald Ridout and Clifford Witting, (1967, 1969), Pan Reference, Reading, Great Britain, p. 83.

Text copyright by Fiona Rothchilds 2021 and Ridout and Witting 1969 as cited.
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