Time Masters are usually impatient because every second of the day, whether we are asleep or awake, time is ticking away.

These Masters might be impatient but they are also wise. They typically say things like:

“Time is a currency which we cannot afford to waste.”

‘Is that the best use of my time?”

“We don’t have time for that now!”

“Time is of the essence…”

“Tempus Fugit: time flies …”

“Time and time again, I would like to say, listen to what I say.”

“It is true that the best use of time is to do it now”.

“Don’t procrastinate – you don’t have time to procrastinate …”

What else do we know about this subject matter?

It is true that good use of time is the best way to goal-score.

Using your micro-seconds well is one of the keys to success.

Since we are unable to change the past, or to predict the future, it is essential that we make the most of the time that we have today.

That is to say, we only have today because yesterday is in the past and tomorrow is in the future.

Success is more easily reached because good use of your day gets you closer to your goals.

In other words, we each only have 24-hours a day to spend wisely to reach the goal we seek to achieve.

Therefore, make the best use of today so that tomorrow is available to goal score.

The consequence of using your seconds and hours wisely is that more will be probably be achieved in the next 24 hours than was achieved in the last 24 hours.

Most people do not pay for ‘free’ advice or want to buy time.

I offer that suggestion. However, we each know that it is important to be productive and to achieve goals.

Offering clarification through good use of time is one way to achieve this objective in a timely manner.

For instance, if I were to offer you a suggestion, please consider taking it to make sure your own day is productive.

In other words, were a gratis suggestion offered, it’s smart to take it on board because to not to might cost your team more than ‘just time’.

Time is a currency. It does fly… Every second does count.

What good will it do?

If all goes to plan, your team might commit to action. It might smooth out those wrinkles in its schedule to ensure that everything runs ‘like clock-work’.

However, if your team were not to take this well-meant, gratis suggestion, there might be a lapse of concentration. Your team might lose its way.

Missteps might occur which could throw out the production schedule. Goals and objectives might not be achieved in time.

Your team members’ might regret not taking seriously my suggestions. They might wish that you, and they, had listened more carefully to the free (gratis) suggestion offered.

It is true that making good use of something is like making money in the bank. It is the interest accrued which has a compounding effect on the original bank of money which was deposited.

In other words, if you and your team do as I suggest, then your teams’ goals will be achieved more easily and quickly. And possibly, more cost-effectively.

In conclusion, team: it is good advice to pay attention to feedback given when available. It is efficient and effective.

I say this because my best advice (and it’s a gratis suggestion) benefits others and your business matters will benefit in the long run. And, above all, it will make a positive difference to your bottom line.

Does the moment-at-hand permit you to re-read this article for your team’s consideration?

It won’t cost anything but two minutes.  And today, of all days, you might have some minutes left in your day. Wise words are worth their weight in gold. They are like money in the bank.

Have you made time to have a holiday?

If so, Happy Holiday wishes to you and your team.


Text copyright: Fiona Rothchilds 2020
Photo image copyright: Fiona Rothchilds 2020
Uploaded 25 December 2020.