Business start-ups get a quick fix in Canberra

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A CBR Innovation Network business talk.


With federal parliament returning to Canberra this week, many commercial operators and innovators are looking for inspiration to make 2016 a financially successful year in business.

Canberra entrepreneurs learned from experienced entrepreneur Matthew Michalewicz about ways to manage the growth pains of high growth start-ups.

Mr Michaelewicz discussed what start-up entrepreneurs should focus on during the scaling-up stage of a business (which he suggests is the stage after the venture is funded). He also addressed how to build and grow a capable team to deliver on the growth potential of a start-up.

For 30 minutes Matthew talked on how to execute well during the start-up and growth stages. His charts on marketing, selling and deliverables were received well by the audience. He gave a number of positive ideas to encourage entrepreneurs to never give up:

If I don’t sell = I don’t eat.”   “Sales is KING.  It’s not the best product that wins: communicate, convince, persuade.”   “What journey has the customer been on until they met you?”   How can I help this client succeed?”   “To raise capital: start with small milestones.”   “Find foundation customers and secure them into follow-on customers.”   “What can I do in the next 30-60 days to make sure I achieve my goal?”   “What can I do within six months to achieve the goal?

Matthew said at age 18 he  began his first business, a personal training company, Since then he’s achieved success with a number of companies he’s co-founded, including NuTech Solutions and SolveIT Software. He’s authored/co-authored a selection of books, including ‘Adaptive Business Intelligence’ and his latest offering ‘Life in half a second‘.  As an act of extreme generosity, Matt provided free copies of his latest book to seminar attendees.

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Matt Michalewicz’s B – 2 – business talk.

Matt’s slides showing his early days pitching to leaders of European countries to be on the board of one of his start-up companies were enlightening. What hutzpah! Later in his talk, Matt took a number of business questions from the audience:

Q: How to deal with failure during the start-up life cycle?
A: HAVE A GOAL. This provides focus and context for all decisions during the scaling-up stage.

Q: Should I do xxxx (this) for my business?
A: It depends: what’s your objective/goal/what do you want to achieve? Does the act or decision fit with your end goal in mind?

Q: What does an ideal work colleague look like to you?
A: Someone who looks knowledgeable – and has elegance and charisma.

The event was held at: CBR Innovation Network ( which is Canberra’s home of innovators (see,d.dGY

Matt’s lunchtime seminar attracted about 50 people (see

When was it held: Tuesday, 2 February 2016 from 12PM to 1PM (AEDT).
Where was it held: CBR Innovation Network – Level 5. 1 Moore Street. Canberra, ACT 2601  (

What the audience said on social media about Matt Michalewicz after his talk:

  • Mr Michalewicz’s informative talk was a great success, with a great turn out and many attendees receiving a copy of his book, ‘Life in Half a Second’. Of particular note was Mr Michalewicz’s emphasis on the importance of focus and sales in entrepreneurship and startups.
  • Great turn out to hear @M_Michalewicz talk on high growth start-ups! @CBR_IN @GRIFFINAcc @kilninc ‪#‎startup
  • RT @MischNarracott@CBR_IN kicks off 2016 with a great seminar @M_Michalewiczentrepreneur and author of Life in half a second. https://t…


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