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February was a month of fire-and flood-recovery actions.

RECOVERY WORK TO PROTECT AUSTRALIA’S CULTURAL HERITAGE FROM THREATS DUE TO WAR AND DISASTER. As many practitioners have spoken and written in the media recently, fire recovery and flood recovery are critical to protect heritage items in crisis situations. The organisation Blue Shield* Australia has provided a list of resources to support salvage and recovery of

Disaster relief is crucial for well-being.

A DISASTER TESTS THE RESILIENCE AND PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS OF PROFESSIONAL SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN WORKING IN THE PEACE CORPS AND THE MEDIA. In the last six weeks, disasters have affected a nation of Australians who are managing multiple climatic disasters at the one time. These disasters include a record number of bushfires, floods, hail storms,

Stressed? See a doctor if stressed …

“SEE A DOCTOR IF STRESSED OR IF THE PAIN PERSISTS” IS WHAT ANYONE WOULD ADVISE. Stressed? If you’re not feeling well at work, or don’t feel safe or the Work, Health and Safety plan is yet to be enacted in your area, then think about making an appointment to see the doctor. Stress can kill.

‘Kings Bay’ film a lesson in ethics.

THE ‘KINGS BAY’ FILM OFFERS LESSONS IN MEDIA ETHICS AND CORPORATE RESPONSIBLITY FOR ANY BUDDING JOURNALIST TO SAVOUR. Kings Bay looks a winter-time treat for any fan of the Northern Lights but crime, corruption and corporate greed play heavily in a fictitious media company in Tromsø. Office politics and use of information technology including mobile phones can

Media Alliance photographers kept in the picture

MEDIA ALLIANCE PHOTOGRAPHERS  IN AUSTRALIA ARE WAITING IT OUT. Photographers who are members of the Media Alliance are being asked to ‘Keep News Corp photographers in the picture’. A Media Alliance (MEAA) email sent earlier this week said “News Corporation photographers around the country have started the difficult process of one-on-one meetings with local managers about their futures

David Foote’s best foot forward for photography

DAVID FOOTE, AUSTRALIAN PHOTOGRAPHER, AND AUSPIC WERE ON EXHIBITION IN CANBERRA THIS AUTUMN. Like so many members of the media, photographer David Foote has seen the professional highs and lows of many politicians and celebrities working in Canberra. David Foote’s “The Official Observer” exhibition was on display from 1 March until 14 May 2017 in the

Kristen Alexander’s daring writing feats

KRISTEN ALEXANDER’S TAKING READERS TO GREATER HEIGHTS BY AUTHORING BOOKS ON AERIAL FEATS Kristen Alexander is a Canberra-based researcher and writer who loves aviation. She is an Australian historian who writes about the courage and remarkable feats of aviation pilots to protect their home air space in times of national security. Ms Alexander’s publishers write that

Lores Bonney was always taking flight

LORES BONNEY, LIKE MANY WOMEN, TOOK TO THE SKIES, PILOTED PLANES AND FOUND THAT THE SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT. A late starter at 30, pilot Lores Bonney became a formidable non-military Australian aviatrix who deserved more publicity for her courage and determination to fly solo from continent to continent. Aviation writer Kristen Alexander’s recently published

A teenage dream 1966

TEENAGE POP FANS LIVING IN AUSTRALIA IN 1966 WOULD HAVE WATCHED THE GO SHOW! The clock was turned back to around 1966 for an evening of mid-1960s pop music and dancing.  All the footage was in black and white – just as it was in 1966 when television viewing times were regulated by older family members and the

Friday On My Mind at the NFSA

IF PLAYING YOUR OLD 33 RPMS OR EXTENDED PLAY RECORDS HELPS YOU FIND YOUR ‘GROOVE’ THING, THEN CONSIDER A FRIDAY NIGHT FOR SOME GOOD TIMES DOWN MEMORY LANE. One Friday a month, the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA) in Canberra holds a Vinyl Lounge for patrons who want to play their favourite records again. The
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