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Mobile-ising women for business

WOMEN ARE MOBILE-ISING: “WORKING FOR BUSINESS. WORKING FOR AUSTRALIA.” That’s the tag line for the latest initiatives from the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry based in Canberra. Kate Carnell of the Australia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) hosted the one-day seminar ‘Mobile-ising Women in Business’ in Sydney on 09 December 2015 with great success. It was

Sound recordings played forward

ACHIEVING SUSTAINABILITY OF SOUND RECORDINGS IN A TIME OF RAPID TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE IS A DAUNTING CHALLENGE. However, the Australasian Sound Recordings Association (ASRA) recently held its 2015 national conference in Sydney with a great deal of member and institutional support. The conference “Play it Forward: Sustainability in a Time of Rapid Change” was held from 18

Women in Media break Santa’s ceiling

WOMEN IN MEDIA (WIM) LIKE TO BREAK NEWS, GLASS CEILINGS, SANTA’S EXPECTATIONS AND THE CANBERRA CONVENTIONS THAT OTHER JOURNALISTS MIGHT JEALOUSLY GUARD.  After a spectacular year, WIM is bringing together the talented women of Canberra’s media and communications industries. The date for this event is 24 November 2015 which is possibly the earliest Christmas party of

Menslink mentors believe everything is possible.

TWO LEADERS SPEAK ABOUT MENTOR SUPPORT TO BEAT “DEADLY SILENCE”.  Menslink is a charitable association promoting mentoring, support and social inclusion of young men in Canberra. The non-profit Association was established to help troubled and socially isolated young men aged 12 to 25 years of age. It provides professional services with outreach activities in the Canberra

What’s the Plimsoll line?

THE PLIMSOLL LINE IS USED AS A REFERENCE MARK. The Plimsoll line is located on a ship’s hull to indicate the maximum depth to which a vessel may be safely immersed when loaded with cargo. The Plimsoll line is a special marking for maritime matters. It’s also known as the International Load Line, or the water line (positioned amidship). Another

Tideline by Elizabeth Truswell

AN AUSTRALIAN GEOSCIENTIST AND VISUAL ARTIST FROM KALGOORLIE TAKES IN TIDELINES IN THE KIMBERLEYS OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA. A recent exhibition by geologist-artist Elizabeth Truswell shows the clear intersection of geology and outback art. In the Tideline exhibition held in Canberra this month, Elizabeth Truswell shows the public on the eastern seaboard the ruggedness and beauty of Western

Croatia opens a window to the world.

THE EMBASSY CROATIA EXTENDS ITS REACH ACROSS THE SEAS AND OUTBACK. Diplomats from Croatia in Canberra presented a robotic chivalric tournament of the ‘Windows to the World‘ program* last weekend highlighting its noble traditional past. Visitors to the Embassy of Croatia were plied with warm welcomes, and literature about the history and culture of Croatia

Solomon Islands’ High Commission welcomes Australians

THE SOLOMON ISLANDS’ HIGH COMMISSION IN CANBERRA WELCOMED VISITORS WITH A DANCE AND SING-A-LONG LAST MONTH.  The High Commission of Solomon Islands in Canberra warmly welcomed visitors to its newest building with a traditional dance and sing-along late last month.   The Embassy-High Commission Open Day is part of the second year of the ‘Windows to the World‘ Week program held

Aussie’s beach passion by Robert Drewe

SOMETIMES A WRITER HITS THE BEACH WITH A SPLASH. Robert Drewe, the Melbourne-born Western Australian writer launched an historical read on the Aussie beach scene in Canberra earlier this month. It’s published just in time for the Christmas rush. It’s a great book packed with ideas of sun, sand and surf on coastal Australia.  The

Media access at Diggers & Dealers’ Forum

MEDIA MATTERS FOR THE KALGOORLIE MINING FORUM It was obvious the set-up crew for the 2015 Diggers & Dealers Mining Forum in Kalgoorlie W.A. had been working hard all day. The Goldfields Art Centre (GAC) and Exhibition Marquee had been transformed since Saturday afternoon. The trucks were empty and the centre of the Exhibition Marquee was filled
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