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Diana Riggs’ critics’ reviews compiled.

CRITICS’ REVIEWS CAN MAKE OR BREAK A THEATRE PRODUCTION IF AUDIENCE ATTENDANCE IS TIED TO ONE PARTICULAR REVIEW. In her early career, Diana Rigg was an actor who attracted a raft of critics’ reviews some of which bordered on poison pen writing. She understood the power of the pen. To appease “the Gods”, as some

Diana Rigg supported equal pay and paycheck fairness.

DIANA RIGG WAS NEVER ONE TO SHY FROM HARD WORK AND SHE INSISTED THAT HER INDUSTRY AND COLLEAGUES RECOGNISE IT. Dame Diana Rigg enjoyed a long and distinguished acting career on stage, film, video gaming and television. The range of her acting roles was enormous, from serious drama to comedy and to high camp. Diana

Dame Diana Rigg was a guiding light on the stage and screen.

DIANA RIGG, A CONSUMATE ACTOR, HAS LEFT THE STAGE. SHE WAS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE, THE THESPIAN’S THESPIAN. In her wake, Dame Diana leaves a trail of extraordinary performances for actors to emulate. Famous for roles including Emma Peel in TV series ‘The Avengers’ and Olenna Tyrell in ‘Game of Thrones’, she died in London

Strategic partnering working for New Zealand & China – Part Two

WITH A LITTLE NETWORKING – THE CONVERSATION REALLY WORKED. The new report New Zealand’s China Policy: Building a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership was officially launched in Canberra on 14 July 2015. This strategic partnering for New Zealand and China was conducted at the Australian Centre for China in the World (CIW), Fellows Lane at the Australian National University in Canberra.

Strategic partnership working for New Zealand & China – Part One

NEW ZEALAND & CHINA HAVE A STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP – WITH AUSTRALIA’S SUPPORT. The new report launched by the Australia-China Relations Institute (ACRI) of the University of Technology, Sydney says China looms large in New Zealanders’ awareness of international influences on their wellbeing. Professor Bob Carr of the Australia-China Relations Institute (ACRI), and Mr Tony Browne, Executive Chairman of the

An industrial election for the Media Alliance in 2015

MEDIA, ENTERTAINMENT AND ARTS ALLIANCE (MEAA) ELECTION NOTICE The Fair Work Commission has made arrangements (Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009) with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) for elections to be conducted in 2015 for various office positions. All positions are honorary.  The full details are listed here: A.C.T. BRANCH REQUIREMENTS Branch President (1) 

Need words written in a hurry? Hire a copywriter …

NEED WORDS WRITTEN IN A HURRY? Hire a copywriter so you can focus on your finances… Copywriting is the creative process of writing text for advertisements or publicity material (Rob Bowdery 2008, p. i). The chief role of the copywriter is to be a communicator of information and ideas. The core role is to translate
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