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Suzy Molyneux’s passion for pure water

SUZY MOLYNEUX IS AN AMATEUR ENVIRONMENTALIST WHO LIVES IN BUNDANOON IN THE SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS OF N.S.W. Suzy cares about her environment and her friends and family. She loves the free-running clean water available in rural New South Wales. Suzy volunteered for an oral history interview with the State Library of NSW to air her concerns

Crabb and politicians make a meal

CRABB AND POLITICIANS MAKE AN INTERESTING MEAL TO READ ABOUT. Annabel Crabb has joined up with Wendy Sharpe (the recipe consultant) of ABC TV show’s ‘Kitchen Cabinet’ to share favourite food to make and take home. That’s also the title of the book: Special Delivery:  Favourite Food to Make and Take. It’s now available via the Australian

Three interviewers for one interviewee: Part Two

THE ADVERTISEMENT FOR INTERVIEWEE COULD HAVE READ LIKE THIS: The three interviewers – a Counsellor, a Journalist and an Oral Historian – seek willing Interviewee for quality Question and Answer time. Previous Interviewees need not re-apply. What did the Oral Historian say to the Interviewee? 1) If you have an interview with a Counsellor A

Three interviewers: Part One

ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WERE THREE INTERVIEWERS.  One was a Counsellor, one was a Journalist and the other was an Oral Historian. And there was an Interviewee who had recently experienced a career change. The Interviewee was asked by each interviewer for an interview. Each interviewer promised to give him a good interview. They

Make your time at work count

ACCORDING TO THE LASTEST SEEKJobs YouTube, WE ONLY SPEND 13 YEARS AT WORK. SO MAKE IT COUNT … The SEEKJobs website says “…Sometimes it feels like you spend your whole life working, when in reality you will only spend 13 years of your life at work. That’s just 13 precious years to achieve, create, aspire and earn.”

The Pope says to team work in public service

15 ILLNESSES TO AVOID ON THE PUBLIC SERVICE. According to the Pope, some office workers suffer from more than seven deadly sins when providing a public service. In this recent article written by Tom Kington in Rome, we learn of 15 illnesses to be wary of when working with a bureaucracy.    See the article by Tom Kington, (2014) ‘Pope vents anger at

Five tips for receiving feedback after an interview

TAKING ON BOARD INTERVIEW FEEDBACK TAKES BACKBONE. It also means having a willingness to try again. Need help in moving on in your career job hunting process? Here are five gentle tips to assist you: 1) Be polite if you are willing to receive feedback from a member of the interview panel. Do this because you never know if the

Recruitment and interview processes

WHAT DOES A SCRIBE DO AS PART OF THE INTERVIEW PROCESS? The interview process is an opportunity for a business consultant involved in recruitment to view an organization, agency or company from the inside out. The Human Resources team with a government agency or department plays an important role in delivery of its People Management strategy.
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