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Antiques and art as Christmas collectibles

ANTIQUES DEALERS AND ART DEALERS KNOW HOW TO TEMPT THE TASTE BUDS WHEN THE CLIMATE FOR CHRISTMAS COMFORT ARRIVES. Antique dealers and art dealers usually have a roaring trade in the lead-up to the Christmas calendar. Sweet bon-bons, Christmas tinsel, pewter goblets full of red wine, champagne glass with sparkling, bubbling liquid come to mind.

A change of supermarket location can be a holiday.

SUPERMARKETS STILL HAVE WAYS OF ENTICING CUSTOMERS TO SPEND EVEN WHEN THE COMMUNITY IS IN ECONOMIC DESPAIR. To mange this situation, try changing your buying tactics, supermarket brand or supermarket location. It’s important to be practical about the way we interact with others during this difficult time of the pandemic. By that I mean, taking

Triage for safety on public holidays

TRIAGING FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY ON PUBLIC HOLIDAYS IS ONE WAY TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU STAY ALIVE AND WELL. Even thought the sun is shining and the sky is blue, try triaging for the safety of you. Triage for safety by choosing to stay at home this weekend if you can. That way, you

Smombies – look up and watch the traffic

SMOMBIES … BE AWARE THAT YOUR USE OF MOBILE DEVICES ARE LIKELY TO LEAD TO ROADSIDE TRAUMA. Smombies, also known as smartphone zombies (smombies), aren’t that smart after all. They keep crashing into electricity poles, bus shelters, street signs, newspaper stands, shop sign boards as well as passing vehicle traffic. An increased risk of pedestrian

Markets in autumnal weather

MARKETS COME AND GO, JUST LIKE FASHION AND GREY CLOUDS Markets full of colourful clothing and accessories might not be everyone’s idea of a social event to attend, but dedicated fashionistas in Canberra and beyond religiously attend to be seen with the good textile curators and great designers of the period. To shine with others

Roses are red

ROSES ARE RED AND I LOVE YOU … ‘Roses are red …’ is the title of the next Australian War Memorial (AWM) talk on historical documents known as silk post cards. At 12.30pm on 02 May 2019 in the Research Centre’s reading Room, one of the AWM’s paid researchers will talk on how messages were hidden

Zombies texting should take better care.

ZOMBIES TEXTING SHOULD BEWARE! Texting Zombies (pedestrians) and texting drivers need to take care because there are citizens not amused about their dangerous activities. The streets are not safe to walk and text at the same time. The roads are not safe to drive and text at the same time. As flagged in my weblog

Driver distractions are a road hazard this holiday season.

DRIVER DISTRACTIONS ARE A ROAD HAZARD. A driver distracted, without paying attention to the road, is a traffic hazard to be avoided. Police in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT Policing) are reminding drivers to keep their attention on the road as police target forms of driver distractions. According to the Lyons September-October 2017 Neighbourhood Watch

Beersheba Battle remembered for bravery.

BEERSHEBA BATTLE IS REMEMBERED FOR THE BRAVERY OF AUSTRALIAN SOLDIERS Beersheba Battle 1917 is remembered by many Australians with nostalgic reverence. It is a cracking good story about strength, determination and mateship under the desert sun. In the Beersheba Battle, soldier and horse worked together in a victorious force against Turkish elements in the Middle East

Beersheba battle for water access.

BEERSHEBA AND WATER ACCESS ARE TWO ISSUES CURRENT IN THE AUSTRALIAN PSYCHE FOR GOOD REASON. Beersheba is a strategic, geographic strong-hold in the Middle East. It is located in the Sinai desert and associated with water and the provision of essential services. Beersheba was a historical campaign in the First World War which is a
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