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Your good manners make a difference.

“MANNERS, MAKETH MAN” IS THE STANDARD PHRASE, AND A PROVERB, TO INDICATE THAT MANNERS ARE ALL-IMPORTANT. Good manners are what our parents, grandparents and teachers use as a yard-stick for how we will get on with other people on the planet throughout our life. In a more day-to-day existence, good manners grease the wheels that

Digital frontiers have a dividing line for information resources

DIGITAL FRONTIERS ARE INVISIBLE TO THE NON-TECH SAVVY BUT THEY IMPACT ON OUR ABILITIES TO CREATE, ACCESS AND POST INFORMATION.  A digital frontier is the new dividing line between being able to access the information we need or want, and not being able to do so. The digital revolution means that we are constantly updating

Canberra Modern Mates are missed already

CANBERRA MODERN MATES ARE MISSED ALREADY A poem for mates who lived their lives full of daring, caring and great deeds. Canberra Modern Mates Today I learned I’ve lost five mates in eight months They’re dropping like flies, including Bruce … And Alan, Peter, Bill and now Bob … all gone … wow! Who’s going

Safety Guiding Principles for the workplace

SAFETY FIRST IS THE BEST WAY TO ENJOY THE FRUITS OF LIFE. In a recent announcement regarding a workplace incident, a university might claim that the incident was ‘unfortunate but not unpredictable’. It would seem that mental health issues are more common in our workplace than many are comfortable talking about. While I do not

Affordable housing

AFFORDABLE HOUSING AND SAFE SLEEP CONCERNS Affordable housing and sleeping out in Canberra are two hot topics, in my experience, which receive a regular work out in barbeque conversations over the summer holidays. My own state of Canberra (Australian Capital Territory) has a significant increase in the number of rough sleepers. In the Canberra Central

ArchivesACT revisits 1950s public service

ArchivesACT, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS THE ACT RECORDS OFFICE, IS CURRENTLY EXHIBITING SOME OF THE 1956 COMMONWEALTH PUBLIC SERVICE ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS. ArchivesACT has released the records at its Find of the Month for December 2016. According to PS News*, the Director of Territory Records, Ms Dani Wickman says ArchivesACT thought “…it would be fun to take

Style guide for academic journal

A STYLE GUIDE FOR AN ACADEMIC JOURNAL IS A CRITICAL PIECE OF INFORMATION WHICH PROVIDES A STANDARD APPROACH FOR YOUR NEXT ARTICLE. Being a budding academic is hard work. Especially if you submit a journal article for the first time. If your work is submitted without compliance with a set style guide, you are wasting valuable time and effort.

Exhibition of ANU Arts Graduates 2015

THE 2015 GRADUATING EXHIBITION OF ANU ARTS STUDENTS OFFERS A BONANZA OF COLOUR, TEXTURE AND FORM. The recent Grand Opening of the 2015 exhibition at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra was a great affair. In a sneak preview before opening, journalists were permitted access to the main exhibition on 27 November 2015. It

What’s the Plimsoll line?

THE PLIMSOLL LINE IS USED AS A REFERENCE MARK. The Plimsoll line is located on a ship’s hull to indicate the maximum depth to which a vessel may be safely immersed when loaded with cargo. The Plimsoll line is a special marking for maritime matters. It’s also known as the International Load Line, or the water line (positioned amidship). Another

Canberra displays robotics, drones & UAVs.

CROATIAN EMBASSY HOSTS ROBOTICS EXHIBITION. Drones, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) and remotely piloted aircraft or ‘aircraft without a human pilot on board’ were part of the robotics display hosted by the Croatian Embassy earlier this month. The Robotics Exhibition was generously supported as part of ‘Windows to the World’ program* in Canberra in conjunction with a range
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