Business Research Services

Dr Fiona Rothchilds’ business research skills base and experience

Skill base for the business sector:

Business Advising
Technical Writing
Report Writing
Proposal Writing
Qualitative Research
Business Intelligence
Business Research
Change Management
Marketing Management
Marketing Strategy
Broadcast Journalism
Real Estate
Political Science
Board of Directors
Advisory Boards
Board Governance


Fiona Rothchilds owns Trade Mark 1441338 which is registered and protected in her name through IP Australia. Her business class Goods and Services are:

Class: 35 Administration of business affairs; advice relating to business management; advice relating to marketing management; business advice; management advice; advisory services for business management; business administration; business management; business research; collecting business information; collection of data; company management (for others); compilation of business data; compilation of business information; consultancy relating to business efficiency; business efficiency expert services; consultancy relating to public relations; data analysis; data capture (keyboarding); data collection (for others); data management; data processing; lobbying (promoting, publicising or otherwise representing the interests or concerns of others); market research studies; marketing research; marketing studies; office functions; providing information, including online, about advertising, business management and administration and office functions; provision of business data; public relations; writing of business reports; writing of publicity texts.

Class: 41 Advisory services relating to education; advisory services relating to publishing; advisory services relating to training; bibliographic information; book publishing; commissioned writing (plays, musicals or for publications); copy writing; cultural information; editing of written text; educational research; event management services (organization of educational, entertainment, sporting or cultural events); freelance journalism; magazine publishing; online (electronic) publication of news; preparation of texts for publication; providing information, including online, about education, training, entertainment, sporting and cultural activities; providing online electronic publications (not downloadable); publication of news; publishing of printed matter; publishing services; writing for others (commissioned and custom writing); writing of texts (other than publicity texts); writing or adapting documents to plain English (for others).

Business Analysis

As a business analyst, Fiona Rothchilds gathers business research information for the pre-sale of products such as real estate and small businesses. She sources sales data and identifies information on business opportunities for improved sales potential. Fiona also identifies and assesses risks with business ventures and develops strategies to reduce risks. She is an experienced business communicator. Her business research output assists her colleagues to generate and follow-up on sales opportunities from new and existing clients. Her written work is designed to build and develop relationships with key influencers and decision-makers. By delivering the analyses of a business environment on time, Fiona prompts early and direct engagement with existing business clients and generates new sales opportunities.

Business activities

Coordinator, research and business communication for government, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) Canberra (2000–02).

Contract in-house journalist, AusAID Canberra (2004–05).

Recruitment scribe, Executive Intelligence Group, Canberra (2011).

Recruitment scribe, Recruitment Management Company, Canberra (2011–12).

Business research and intelligence analysis for small business owners, government agencies and professional organisations, Australia (2011–present).

Vice President (pro bono) of the ACT Chapter of the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (Media Alliance) Canberra, Australia, April 2015–present. Nominated Non-Executive Director (pro bono) of the ACT Chapter of the Media Alliance (April 2013–March 2015) Canberra.

Elected Fellow, University House, The Australian National University, Canberra (April 2013–April 2015) providing advice on business matters and pastoral care activities.

Nominated Education representative (pro bono), Radio 2XX- FM, Canberra (August 2014–April 2015).

Contract Oral Historian, researching/writing/interviewing, the National Library of Australia/Geoscience Australia, Canberra and Melbourne (February 2014–August 2015).

Freelance Oral Historian, researching/writing/interviewing, The National Film and Sound Archives, Canberra (2015).

Member, Business Network International, Ambassador Chapter, University House, Canberra (2015); winner of two ‘Notable Networker’ awards.

Freelance Oral Historian, researching/writing/interviewing for The NSW State Library/Library Council NSW, Sydney and regional New South Wales (2015–present).

Recruitment scribe, Kowalski Recruitment, Canberra (2015–present).

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