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Hard rocks and beer put life’s difficulties into shape.

IN DIFFICULT TIMES WHEN PURSUING ANY GOAL, FOCUSSING ON WHAT MATTERS MOST IS CRITICAL TO SUCCESS. The COVD-19 pandemic has given every business owner an opportunity to reflect and review their focus and apply sound strategies for renewal and refueling. This aide de memoire was provided to me by one of my sports coaches, American

Philosophy with sports training wins the day.

SOMETIMES THE BEST LEADERSHIP MESSAGES COME FROM ATHLETIC ANGELS. Recovering your financial position in the midst of an economic downturn takes courage. Finding the right strategy to focus your thinking and energies is critical to business success. Key learnings from other areas of striving can be applied to the business world. For example, in undertaking

A change of supermarket location can be a holiday.

SUPERMARKETS STILL HAVE WAYS OF ENTICING CUSTOMERS TO SPEND EVEN WHEN THE COMMUNITY IS IN ECONOMIC DESPAIR. To mange this situation, try changing your buying tactics, supermarket brand or supermarket location. It’s important to be practical about the way we interact with others during this difficult time of the pandemic. By that I mean, taking
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