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When is a pledge not a pledge?

PLEDGE SOMETHING TO SOMEONE OR SOMETHING? PLEDGES ARE PROMISORY COMMITMENTS WE MAKE TO OTHERS OR TO ENTITIES WITH THE INTENT TO REALISE THEM IN THE FUTURE. But, when is a pledge not a pledge? When it is impacted by a force majeure. My Maternal grandfather said “…you never really know a person until they are

Fundraising advice for the uninitiated

FUNDRAISING ADVICE IS LIKE SPRING RAIN: WHEN NEEDED, IT TAKES AGES TO BE SEEN. BUT WHEN WE’RE DRESSED FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION, AND NOT LOOKING FOR IT, SPRING RAIN WILL TURN UP UNEXPECTEDLY. Like fundraising, spring rain can be followed by wind, thunder, lightning and blackouts – but I’ll leave that to others to explain

Absent Without Leave: did you notice me off-line?

ABSENT WITHOUT LEAVE DOES NOT MEAN A PERSON IS DEAD. IT MEANS THE PERSON IS MISSING FROM SOMEWHERE WITHOUT PERMISSION. How many people do you know go Absent without Leave (AWOL) in the workplace or at home? These people disappear off our radar and we do not usually notice them missing until the work or
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