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Noel Butlin would be proud of his archival collection

NOEL BUTLIN, ECONOMIC HISTORIAN AND ARCHIVIST, WOULD BE PROUD IF HE COULD SEE THE RESULTS OF HIS EXTENSIVE COMPANY HISTORY COLLECTION ON SHOW IN CANBERRA RECENTLY. A collector’s focus is absorbing, passionate and highly-detailed – honed by years of specialisation and dedication to a subject or discipline. The Noel Butlin Archives Centre (NBAC) at the Australian

Trevor Kennedy shows his collection of Australiana and Moorcroft pottery

TREVOR KENNEDY GAVE PRIVATE ACCESS TO VIEW HIS COLLECTION OF MOORCROFT POTTERY AND AUSTRALIANA IN THE LEAD-UP TO AUCTION OF THE ARTISTIC ITEMS THIS YEAR. As former editor of The Bulletin magazine, Trevor Kennedy was well-placed to access information on a range of Australiana and international art items available for purchase. Kennedy’s Millers’ Point collection is
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