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Australian mining board expert Bob Every retires

A BASE SALARY PLUS INCENTIVE SHARES IS WHAT TO LOOK FORWARD TO WHEN JOINING A COMPANY BOARD. Former Chairman of mineral sands developer Iluka, Bob Every has a view on remuneration which is simple: it’s a base salary plus incentive shares which they don’t vest for four years. Bob Every was once President of BHP

Exhibition of ANU Arts Graduates 2015

THE 2015 GRADUATING EXHIBITION OF ANU ARTS STUDENTS OFFERS A BONANZA OF COLOUR, TEXTURE AND FORM. The recent Grand Opening of the 2015 exhibition at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra was a great affair. In a sneak preview before opening, journalists were permitted access to the main exhibition on 27 November 2015. It

Sound recordings played forward

ACHIEVING SUSTAINABILITY OF SOUND RECORDINGS IN A TIME OF RAPID TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE IS A DAUNTING CHALLENGE. However, the Australasian Sound Recordings Association (ASRA) recently held its 2015 national conference in Sydney with a great deal of member and institutional support. The conference “Play it Forward: Sustainability in a Time of Rapid Change” was held from 18

Italian festival in the Embassy Gardens

 A TASTE OF ITALY AND A CELEBRATION OF ITALIAN CULTURE WAS OFFERED BY AMBASSADOR ZAZO ON 08 NOVEMBER 2015 IN CANBERRA. Festa Italiana was held outdoors – al fresco style – with picnics, parties and revelry. From 11am to 4pm in the grounds of the Italian Embassy at 78 National Circuit, Deakin in Canberra families,

Ciao Italian Ambassador’s residence

THE ITALIAN AMBASSADOR PIER FRANCESCO ZAZO AND HIS WIFE SVITLANA SHARAPA ZAZO WERE EXTREMELY WELCOMING INTO THEIR RESIDENCE. In visiting embassies and high commissions in Canberra during the Spring of 2015 we were fortunate to attend the opening of the Italian Ambassador’s residence in Deakin as part of the Windows to the World program. We

It’s time blue-chip investors take stock

WITH INVESTORS FACING THEIR LOWEST RETURNS IN YEARS FROM THEIR BHP SHARES, IT’S NO WONDER THEY’RE FEELING LOST AND CONFUSED. The lowering domestic commodity prices, the downturn of the mining boom, and the Chinese economic slowdown are all adding deadweight to these investors’ woes. In a front page article in The AFR Weekend, 14-15 November 2015, writer Matthew Smith* comments

Blue-chip investors experience cognitive biases

SOMETIMES YOU JUST GOT TO KNOW WHEN TO FOLD ‘EM Blue-chip investors are susceptible to cognitive biases that keep the big-cap stocks front of mind – even when the little guys show more promise writes Vanessa Desloires. In her Smartinvestor article of 09 September 2015 in The Australian Financial Review, Ms Desloires* says “Everyone has held

Women in Media break Santa’s ceiling

WOMEN IN MEDIA (WIM) LIKE TO BREAK NEWS, GLASS CEILINGS, SANTA’S EXPECTATIONS AND THE CANBERRA CONVENTIONS THAT OTHER JOURNALISTS MIGHT JEALOUSLY GUARD.  After a spectacular year, WIM is bringing together the talented women of Canberra’s media and communications industries. The date for this event is 24 November 2015 which is possibly the earliest Christmas party of
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