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Aussie’s beach passion by Robert Drewe

SOMETIMES A WRITER HITS THE BEACH WITH A SPLASH. Robert Drewe, the Melbourne-born Western Australian writer launched an historical read on the Aussie beach scene in Canberra earlier this month. It’s published just in time for the Christmas rush. It’s a great book packed with ideas of sun, sand and surf on coastal Australia.  The

Media access at Diggers & Dealers’ Forum

MEDIA MATTERS FOR THE KALGOORLIE MINING FORUM It was obvious the set-up crew for the 2015 Diggers & Dealers Mining Forum in Kalgoorlie W.A. had been working hard all day. The Goldfields Art Centre (GAC) and Exhibition Marquee had been transformed since Saturday afternoon. The trucks were empty and the centre of the Exhibition Marquee was filled

Goldfields and the Mining Forum

MINING FORUM SET IN THE GOLDFIELDS OF W.A.  Geoscientists I’ve interviewed for Geoscience Australia’s (GA) History of Australian geoscience oral history program talked about their beginnings in geology.* Some geologists I’ve interviewed started their careers in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia (W.A.). Some attended the Western Australian School of Mines (WASM) ( which is now part of Curtin University. Some ‘geos’ talked sentimentally about the impact which

Sunday best in the Goldfields, Western Australia

SUNDAY BEST IN THE GOLDFIELDS. A Sunday in the Goldfields isn’t usually filled with the sound of church bells ringing all morning. However the business of digging and dealing continues. Kalgoorlie proved to be no different to anywhere else in outback Australia on Sunday 02 August 2015. Instead of church bells ringing on a Sunday
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