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Big Data from 2014 CPA Congress

HOW WE  ACCESS AND USE BIG DATA SAYS A LOT ABOUT US. Presenters on Big Data at the 2014 CPA Congress in Australia suggest that Big Data is not just big – it’s getting faster and more efficient.  The latest edition of In The Black, the regular publication for CPA Australia, the Certified Public Accountants’ professional organisation in Australia, recently ran a

Make your time at work count

ACCORDING TO THE LASTEST SEEKJobs YouTube, WE ONLY SPEND 13 YEARS AT WORK. SO MAKE IT COUNT … The SEEKJobs website says “…Sometimes it feels like you spend your whole life working, when in reality you will only spend 13 years of your life at work. That’s just 13 precious years to achieve, create, aspire and earn.”

Managing Oral Histories in the Digital Age

MANAGING ORAL HISTORIES IN THE DIGITAL AGE IS A COMPLEX ISSUE MADE EASIER BY PAYING ATTENTION TO DETAILS.  American oral historian Professor Michael Frisch delivered the keynote address at the launch of The Australian Generations: Researching 20th Century Lives and Memories conference on 30 October 2014 in Melbourne saying that “life stories are everywhere in this digital

Canberra landscape architecture & art

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE, ART AND QUILTING ON SHOW BY CANBERRA-BASED ARTIST. A Canberra seminar on 31 August 2014 showed on the intersection of landscape architecture and quilting art by artist Dr Dianne Firth. Dianne’s seminar was titled ‘Layers by Design: Landscapes and Quilts’. She had invited members of the public to hear about her latest quilting works inspired by

Definitive meanings of health-related words

USING HEALTH-RELATED WORDS CORRECTLY IS IMPORTANT. An article in The Conversation (07 January 2015, 10.11pm AEDT) prompts writers and readers and experts to use health-related words correctly. This is an important part of public health education. “Explainer: what’s the difference between an outbreak and an epidemic?” is authored by Arinjay Banerjee.   He’s a Ph.D. candidate in

Accessing documents on the weblog

ACCESSING DOCUMENTS ON THIS WEBLOG IS EASY. Accessing documents on social media is not always easy and often depends on the ‘platform’ which your service provider uses. Should you wish to access documents more easily on this website, then please follow the following steps. That way, you will be able to access information and images with ease: Instructions

Scientists need your support

‘HOW DO WE MAKE SCIENCE MORE INFLUENTIAL?’ This is the primary questions asked by scientist Professor Michael Clarke’s at the 2nd Biodiversity Forum held at the Royal Society of Victoria, Melbourne. His keynote address on 17 October 2014 ‘How can science be more effective in influencing policy affecting biodiversity – lessons from fire ecology?’ was part of the bio-scientist’s

The Pope says to team work in public service

15 ILLNESSES TO AVOID ON THE PUBLIC SERVICE. According to the Pope, some office workers suffer from more than seven deadly sins when providing a public service. In this recent article written by Tom Kington in Rome, we learn of 15 illnesses to be wary of when working with a bureaucracy.    See the article by Tom Kington, (2014) ‘Pope vents anger at

Big Data, Big Opportunity for business intelligence

BIG DATA, BIG OPPORTUNITY, 5TH ANNUAL CRAWFORD PH.D. CONFERENCE. Many scientists attended The Big Data Big Opportunity conference at the ANU to learn more about the impact of big data on our working lives. This was an ANU-sponsored event to discuss opportunities presented by effectively harnessing big data. It was held on Wednesday, 19 November 2014 at

Oral History has known associations

ORAL HISTORIANS COME IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES WITH VOICES TO MATCH. “History is written by the victors”  –  a quote attributed to Winston Churchill (1874-1965), but of unknown origin. Dr Fiona Rothchilds is a professional oral historian interviewer and a member of the Oral History Association NSW (OHA NSW).  There is no requirement of an
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