Mental Health Month in Canberra a success

Mental Health Month in Canberra a success


It’s a conversation starter this year after so many years of it being a conversation stopper.

Specific mental health issues in Canberra are addressed through a range of health-based interventions free to the general public this year.

Mental health is a varied
LIfe isn’t always a bowl of fruit.

The city where I work has a range of health services and wellbeing centres to promote continued good health and positive relationships.

In Canberra in 2019, a range of activities are being held to assist members of the public discuss psychological issues prevalent in the community. These issues might be affecting their family members, friends, neighbours and colleagues.

In particular, October is Mental Health Month in Canberra. Community members were asked to gather together and to join in with registered mental health workers and health practitioners for a celebration of health and wellbeing.

According to the Canberra-based magazine City News, this October, there were more than 35 Mental Health Month events held in Canberra. Each event was aimed to maximize awareness of the need for wellbeing of individuals and the wider community.

In other words, the events seek to encourage people to live mindfully. Members of the public are encouraged to seek confidential help with a trained health practitioner. This is important if they need to talk about stress and how they are feeling or thinking. That is to say, that sometimes “a troubled shared is a trouble halved”.

Listed below are three free events held in Canberra to assist access to health service providers. Others might want to find out about organizations specializing in addressing specific cognitive health issues. In short, and most importantly, the messages shared are to encourage psychological health conversations and connections within the local community.

1 October 2019 from 7pm The Dickson Tradies, Dickson, ACT.

This was the official launch of Mental Health Month in the ACT. Members of the public were encouraged attend. Their contributions promoted positive psychological health and assisted to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. As a sweetener, they were entertained by some of the best club comedians in Australia.

10 October 2019 from 11am to 2pm
City Walk, Civic, ACT.

The integral Mental Health & Wellbeing Expo was a free public event bringing the ACT community together to celebrate positive mental health. The aim of the event was to encourage members of the public to learn more about the services available in the ACT. There were almost 80 local organisations taking part in a fun market day atmosphere with interactive activities, sausage sizzle and live music.


29 October 2019 from 3pm in the Bradman Room, Manuka Oval, Griffith, ACT.

The Mental Health Month Awards celebrate the outstanding contributions individuals have made to improve the health and wellbeing of the ACT community. The official awards ceremony was open to the public.

​Moreover, if you’re interested in this subject, you could join the conversation at #mentalhealthmonthact or perhaps check the the full calendar of events listed at WWW.MENTALHEALTHMONTHACT.ORG

Why is Mental Health Month important?

According to that website:

“Each year 1 in 5 Australians experience a mental health issue. Approximately half of all individuals (45%) will experience issues with mental health in their lifetime. This could be you, a loved one, a family member, a friend, a colleague, a neighbour…

​People struggling with psychological health issues often find themselves isolated, lonely and left to cope on their own.

It’s a yearly reminder of the responsibility we all share to reach out and support those in the community who suffer in silence.”

As always, if you’re not sure about something or becoming stressed about life, then check in with a registered, licensed practitioner. Psychologists undertake a minimum of six (6) years training with additional practical experience in the field. So, too, do general practitioners (medical doctors).

It is worth checking with your health fund for a psychologist or medical practitioner who is registered with Medicare and has a service provider number. It’s a practical and sustainable way to have a competent, fully trained professional on your side.

Text by Fiona Rothchilds and ‘CityNews’ 12-18 September 2019, p. 8 and WWW.MENTALHEALTHMONTHACT.ORG
Photograph images copyright by Fiona Rothchilds 2019.
Uploaded 29 October 2019.

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