Fiona Rothchilds

Fiona Rothchilds
Dr Fiona Rothchilds researches, writes and works in business intelligence analysis. She resolves your communication issues and scopes your business opportunities to place your business in poll position in front of competitors.

Dr Fiona Rothchilds is an experienced and highly-qualified professional with more than 20 years’ experience in business relations, government communications and the tertiary education sector. She has a solid and successful record of providing business intelligence and public policy advice, designing and managing government communication strategies and completing scholarly research-writing projects.

Fiona was a senior adviser/researcher to Members of Parliament at the Australian Parliament House in 2005-07. Her sole trader business was established in July 2011. She makes a difference with her excellent communications skills, understanding and productive team approach to business. She provides independent, impartial, apolitical advice and support for your business needs.

Fiona Rothchilds is a freelance researcher-writer with a keen eye for spotting the ‘chink in your armour’. In fact, she will put the jigsaw pieces together to complete your business puzzle in record time. That’s part of her business intelligence analysis skills. Fiona will discover more about your competitors than you thought possible and package the information and data in timely, useable formats to develop your business strengths.

Fiona has an international reach. She works with a range of professionals in Australia and off-shore. They include accountants, architects, artisans, business managers, conference managers, financial planners, gallery owners, historians, innovators, land owners, lawyers, media entrepreneurs, medical specialists, public servants, professors, recruitment advisors, scientists, senior executives and travel agents. Her own business goal is to improve your business strengths through effective research and direct, relevant communication by an agreed deadline.

Fiona Rothchilds has served on several not-for-profit and community-based boards. She was an elected Fellow of the University House Board (ANU) 2013-15. She has been a nominated member of the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance board (ACT branch) since 2012. Her directorships involve working with people and spreadsheets to bring about positive change in business settings. She is a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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