Eating onions raw or cooked makes good sense.

Eating onions raw or cooked makes good sense.


Some people claim that eating onions is like taking a massive Vitamin C tablet. They say this because the vegetable is full of goodness that our bodies need to combat stress and improve immunity.

Many households have family recipes that use a variety of onions for vegetable soups, sauces, tarts and bakery items.

If you cannot grow onions at home then try your local grocer. Next time you’re at the supermarket or a farmer’s market, find a bag of raw onions that looks fresh, clean and healthy.

Ask your grocer for advice on the type of onions to purchase for your specific recipes. In several supermarkets canvassed this week, a variety of spring onions, brown onions, white onions and red onions were found. Shallots and leeks are also available.

There are excellent health benefits to gain from eating onions with a range of pulses and other vegetables. It is an easy way to introduce anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial nutrients into your life.

To support the use of healthy onions in cooking, here is a simple recipe to enjoy this natural source of fibre and Vitamin C. The cooking method outlined here equally applies to cooking raw leeks.

Pantry items:
Bag of large, round and raw onions (any type)
Cooking salt
One litre of water

Kitchen items:
Large saucepan with lid
Cutting board for onions
Serrated kitchen knife
Large waterproof bib apron
Oven mitt or glove.

Cooking instructions:
Wearing the bib apron, cut onions with serrated kitchen knife on the appropriate cutting board. Keep onion separate from other food stuffs to minimize food odour contamination. Remove outer skins (shells) of the onion and wash in cold water.

Boil some clean water. Place the raw onions in a saucepan of boiling water with a little salt. Boil onions for two (2) minutes without the saucepan lid. Then put the lid on the saucepan and boil the onions for 20-30 minutes or until tender.

Drain the onions. (Some cooks store the onion stock for soups or pasta cooking). Serve the boiled onions on a hot dish or plate with accompaniments such as sauces or gravies.  Voile!


Text copyright Fiona Rothchilds 2020 and acknowledged sources.
*N.S.W. Public School Cookery Teachers’ Association, ‘The Commonsense Cookery Book’, Book 1, Metric Edition, Angus & Robertson Publishers, Australia, 1970, p. 57.
Photography copyright Fiona Rothchilds 2020.
Uploaded 15 August 2020.

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