Kristen Alexander’s daring writing feats

Kristen Alexander’s daring writing feats


Kristen Alexander is a Canberra-based researcher and writer who loves aviation. She is an Australian historian who writes about the courage and remarkable feats of aviation pilots to protect their home air space in times of national security.

Ms Alexander’s publishers write that she “takes the reader into the air with the young men pitting themselves and their aircraft against a well trained, experienced and numerically superior enemy.” She has been writing about Australian pilots since 2002 “blending sound research with enlightening anecdotes”.

She is the co-owner of Alexander Fax Booksellers ( which stocks second-hand books on Australian history and military history.

There are several books by Kristen Alexander available for purchase from book shops or for loan from public libraries. Apart from her latest book on female aviatrix Lores Bonney, calledLores Bonney's book ‘Taking Flight’, Alexander’s four books in print are listed on her website at

  1. Clive Caldwell, air ace (2006) (ISBN 1741147050) which covers a biography of Clive Caldwell as well as the Royal Australian Air Force, military air pilots, World War 11, and aerial operations. Since 2011 this book has also been published in Japanese (ISBN 9784861800573).
  2. Jack Davenport: beaufighter leader (2009) (ISBN 9781741757767) details Jack Napier Davenport’s life from 1920 to 1996. The book covers business activities and military air pilots in Australia. It mentions aerial operations in World War 11 (1939-1945).
  3. Australian Eagles: Australians in the Battle of Britain (2013) (ISBN 9780987414229 ((hardback.)) which details the Royal Air Force, military air pilots, aerial operations in World War 11 (1939-1945) and the Battle of Britain (1940). The book flap says “the odds were high and the cost was great…
  4. Australia’s few and the Battle of Britain (2014) (ISBN 9781742234151 (hardback)). The Battle of Britain is one of the most significant battles of the war, and until recently, the role of the Australian ‘Few’ has received little attention. It occurred during the summer and autumn of 1940. It was the first major battle of World War II (or any war) fought entirely in the air. The author gives an account of eight Australian participants, who were Australian Spitfire and Hurricane pilots. Kristen Alexander follows these young men through their education, training, and flying careers. She draws heavily on primary source material and original research. The book covers death in combat (for seven of the eight men), and then on to commemoration.

These books by Kristen Alexander are a ‘must read’ for aviation enthusiasts and air force military historians.

Uploaded 23 May 2016.
Text courtesy of Kristen Alexander, various books’ publishers (including the National Library of Australia) and Fiona Rothchilds.

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