Self-care is part of an artist’s life.

Self-care is part of an artist’s life.


As the artist Vincent van Gogh found out years ago, practising self-care as a working artist is a daily habit to develop to ensure longevity. It should be something we each do everyday to sustain ourselves. 

Miss Cherrybomb and a make-up/hair client.

Many organizations which support the arts are now coming online with the need to nurture and protect the creative spirit and those who work with artists.

Costumiers/designers are working artists.

In Australia, the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) is the national peak body protecting and promoting the professional interests of the Australian visual and media arts, craft and design sector.

Its website headline says that it does this because it wants to “… advocacy, policy and action for an Australian arts sector that’s ambitious and fair.” Its section called Guides offers free advice.

Television actors are working artists.

Writer Rebecca Conroy posted an on-line article on 30 May 2019, for NAVA Guides, about practising self-care as an artist. The guide offers some basic information and tips for practising self-care and maintaining good mental health.

Dancers are working artists.

In essence, she offers eight tips to assist artists to protect and nurture their creative spirit for self-care. Some of her text has hotlinks embedded for the reader to click onto for further information.

In particular, her last section offers hotlinks to key organisations which offer free support and services for mental health. These include Lifeline, Beyond Blue and could include a link to Menslink for those guys who need greater support with their artistic or creative endeavours.
Her article talks about the following issues:

1.  The importance of self-care for artists and art workers

2.  Navigating the (health care) System

3.   Recognising the Signs (for good health)

4.   Stay connected

5.   Taking care of your body

6.   Body based skills for self-soothing and calming

7.   Intersectional approaches to self-care

8.   Handy links to national organisations in Australia.

Presenters are working artists.

If you are an artist, or support someone who works as an artists, then the recent article by Rebecca Conroy is a useful one to read. The link for the online article is at:

*See the NAVA website for further details at

Text written and copyright by Fiona Rothchilds 2019.
Images copyright Fiona Rothchilds 2019.
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