Government Services

Dr Fiona Rothchilds’ skill base and experience in the Government Sector

Skill base for the Government sector:

Technical Writing
Proposal Writing
Tender Writing
Change Management
Recruitment activities
Interview Scribing
Report Writing
Marketing Management
Marketing Strategy
Oral History Research
Oral History Interviews
Library Management
Public Policy
Public Administration
Public Affairs

Experience in the Government Sector

Fiona Rothchilds researches, writes and works in business intelligence analysis. She strives to resolve an agency’s communication issues. She scopes business opportunities to place an agencies’ business communication in poll position in front of the Australian public. She researches, analyses data and information, and writes about an agency’s products and services to improve the business strengths of government.

Fiona’s most popular services for government clients are:

  1. Copywriting for marketing promotional material for business innovators.
  2. Quality assurance checks of copywriting text on websites. This involves editing and updating the copywriting content often at short notice because Fiona has been asked to ‘check the website’.
  3. Scribing with recruitment agencies for personnel interviews for federal government agencies.
  4. Conducting research and interviews for oral history projects on eminent Australians.

Fiona’s value proposition is clear and we know why her site is at the top of search results:

  1. She has the breadth and depth of experience in federal government, business and the tertiary education sector to make a difference. This includes working with the government’s contracting areas on purchasing requirements and procurement decision-making processes with federal government agencies.
  2. Fiona has worked in communication, business and policies areas with key government institutions in Canberra and east coast Australia. These include the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Department of Immigration, Attorney General’s Department, (in-house journalist) for AusAID, the National Museum of Australia, Department of Health and Ageing, the Australian Electoral Commission, the Department of Parliamentary Services, the Department of Industry, Science and Research.
  3. Since 2014 Fiona has been an oral historian (long-form interviewer) for the National Library of Australia/Geoscience Australia, the National Film and Sound Archives, the NSW State Library/the Library Council of NSW.
  4. From late 2011 Fiona has scribed for recruitment interviews for the Commonwealth Department of Education, the Attorney General’s Department, The Civil Aviation Agency, The Department of Social Security, and the Office of National Assessments.
  5. For two years (2005-07) Fiona was Senior Research Specialist, Politics and Public Administration matters for the Department of Parliamentary Services, Australian Parliament House, Canberra. She was the nominated Parliamentary Library representative on the 2006 Management Review of Hansard. Fiona managed the seven-week Study of Parliament program for new parliamentary staff. She has a range of professional contacts within the Australian Parliament House and the ACT Legislative Assembly in Canberra.
  6. Internationally Fiona has networking contacts in government and the civil/public services in Washington, New York, Brussels, London and Edinburgh.
  7. Fiona has worked with a range of marketing companies in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne which specialize in market research, advertising, photography, graphic design, indexing, proofing and editing. Combining these specialist skills enabled her to take on the role of Senior Communications Adviser with the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, providing government services to the Ministerial Committee on Government Communications 1999-2002, 2005.
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