Journalism – accurate and truthful – comes at a cost.

Journalism – accurate and truthful – comes at a cost.


Journalism is also a profession which is labour intensive and time consuming.

The Walkley Foundation has launched a national public awareness campaign about the value of quality journalism: What Price Would You Pay? As a member of the media community, the Foundation hopes to see you and other Australian journalists share the campaign on social media, sharing #whatprice you have paid to report the truth.

“Putting yourself on the line as a journalist can come at a cost,” Walkley Foundation chief executive Louisa Graham said.

“We’re shining a light on the price journalists pay to deliver the truth, and asking the public to think about what price they would pay for that truth. Quality journalism isn’t free, it costs a lot to produce, and we want Australians to understand that we all should subscribe, pay or donate to support the fourth estate,” she said.

As part of the campaign, investigative journalists Louise Milligan, Michael Ware, Adele Ferguson and Hedley Thomas speak on camera about some of the costs they’ve braved.

Other people involved in the campaign are journalists Kate McClymont, Steve Pennells, journalist and presenter Tracy Grimshaw and a survivor of institutional abuse, James Miller.

Media companies across Australia are standing beside the Walkley Foundation to show their support for the campaign. They will be rolling out the fundraising message on television, in print, online, and on outdoor channels.

The campaign encourages Australians to consider the cost of great journalism. It asks Australians to show their support by subscribing, donating or becoming a member of one (or many) of Australia’s media organisations. The Walkley Public Fund for Journalism also welcomes donations.

Walkley Foundation will be publicising the campaign through their communications channels, social media and linking back to the web page,

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