Triage for safety on public holidays

Triage for safety on public holidays


Even thought the sun is shining and the sky is blue, try triaging for the safety of you.

Triage for safety by choosing to stay at home this weekend if you can. That way, you can be safer than many who have not put a safe home life as their number one priority. 

Remembering to count out those people who matter will help to keep you safe: You, Me, Us Yourself, Myself, Ourselves.

Or if you prefer: You matter, I matter, We matter.

While being outdoors and around other people meets some social needs, it also incurs the risk of mixing with people who do not know how to practice safe health triage in public. At this time, we each need to remember and respect the biological need for survival.

You don’t have to live in Darwin to do this!

The biologist and naturalist Charles Darwin (1809-1882), was creator of a theory of evolution know as Darwinism. In his book On the Origin of Species (1859), Darwin talked about the term natural selection and survival of the fittest.

Another scientist had earlier talked about survival of the fittest in terms of sociology of people and groups. However, when Darwin talked about survival of the fittest, he did not mean the most physically fit one or the most intelligent (mentally fit) one will survive.

Darwin said it is the one who is the most flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances who will survive. With this in mind, using triage for survival means building flexibility into your decision-making activities to adapt to evolving circumstances. This is the best way to survive, according to Charles Darwin.

Being able to place important matters into the correct order for immediate attention is critical for positive health outcomes. Probably without realizing it, we are all currently triaging for the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are respecting the need to enact physical and social distancing, practicing clean hygiene techniques and undertaking home isolation over the ANZAC Day Long Weekend.  These are the important matters to attend to quickly and efficiently for health success.

Remembering to count out those people to keep safe in your sphere of influence will attend to the Safety First rule: You, Me, Us. Or if you prefer: You matter, I matter, We matter.

  • In the medical field, the triage process is based on deciding which patients (or matters) should be treated first based on the degree of sickness or severity of injury.
  • From Essentials of Cardia Anesthesia for Noncardiac Surgery, A Companion to Kaplan’s Cardiac Anesthesia, 2019, by Torin Shear MD and Joel A. Kaplan MD.

Text copyright Fiona Rothchilds 2020.
Uploaded 24 April 2020.

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