A change of supermarket location can be a holiday.

A change of supermarket location can be a holiday.


To mange this situation, try changing your buying tactics, supermarket brand or supermarket location.

It’s important to be practical about the way we interact with others during this difficult time of the pandemic. By that I mean, taking care not to expose yourself to negative behaviours in the supermarket is a smart strategy for personal survival.

It works in business too. Of course, if you can stay at home and not share your work space with too many people, you will have an easier time working through this pandemic.

But living without groceries and other life essentials while working from home isn’t practical. So, I suggest following the precautionary principle by risking a little to meet your essential grocery needs.

It’s accepted that strolling through weekend farmers’ markets to sample different foods and beverages is not permitted at the moment. There are choices though that we can make to sample different cultural and gourmet treats in our own city or region. Happily, we can choose our locations for purchase of items for our own home or office without restrictions.

What to remember while doing this?

Not being in close contact with other people in shopping areas is a physical need during this time. However, we need to consider our psycho-social needs too. Practicing social distancing will reduce our stress levels during a time when others are feeling stressed or forgetful of the need to demonstrate social skills and to communicate respectfully.

Perhaps this is something which other people are experiencing?

According to the web-blogs, emails and other social media commentaries arriving in the digital in-box, some people are having a hard time adjusting to standing apart while talking or listening to others.

Some of my recent supermarket excursions to purchase essential items for the office have been hair-raising. In fact, they could be considered comical or stressful events depending on how other people’s behaviour and comments are interpreted.

My small-talk with counter staff in supermarkets is conducted behind perspex shields which have been installed for worker safety. My conversations are as much a display of respect for their willingness to be in the front-line during a pandemic than it is to be chatting about supermarket marketing gifts or traffic-calming techniques at the cash-register.

I’ve changed supermarkets and shopping locations several times in an effort not to rub shoulders with former work colleagues. Some former clients seem to think it’s OK to sound-off about the social distancing and face mask measures introduced by the government. I understand their distress.

Put simply though, my response is that we have to do this to stay alive. I’m sympathetic to other people’s concerns and needs for social interaction but not at the expense of my own health and those of current work associates.

Change your shopping pattern for a while

Changing supermarkets and shopping locations is my way of making sure that I keep healthy, psychologically safe and sound. It meets a personal need and a business need. I have a long-term business strategy to remain working on the planet for a long as possible.

I am taking stock: on a weekly basis I have a logistical food plan which I stick to. I know that only items on my organised shopping list must be located and purchased in the supermarket. This is undertaken in an effort to keep the sourced supermarket items lean and nourishing. Not to mention the writer herself.

No-one ever said that biscuits and chocolates were essential for conducting research, reading and writing. But it could be an appetising thought … Happier, healthier days will certainly arrive and we can eat all the cake and Chelsea buns we want then.

Tempus fugit

My, my … time flies … time escapes and can never be retrieved … especially in the supermarket. It’s always good to return from the supermarket, get back to the home-office and turn on the computer to write another weblog.

I hope your work days in this pandemic are safe and relatively orderly as together we continue to conduct our business with professional efficiency, integrity and courtesy.

Text copyright Fiona Rothchilds 2020
Uploaded 07 May 2020

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