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Absent Without Leave: did you notice me off-line?

ABSENT WITHOUT LEAVE DOES NOT MEAN A PERSON IS DEAD. IT MEANS THE PERSON IS MISSING FROM SOMEWHERE WITHOUT PERMISSION. How many people do you know go Absent without Leave (AWOL) in the workplace or at home? These people disappear off our radar and we do not usually notice them missing until the work or

Style guide for academic journal

A STYLE GUIDE FOR AN ACADEMIC JOURNAL IS A CRITICAL PIECE OF INFORMATION WHICH PROVIDES A STANDARD APPROACH FOR YOUR NEXT ARTICLE. Being a budding academic is hard work. Especially if you submit a journal article for the first time. If your work is submitted without compliance with a set style guide, you are wasting valuable time and effort.

Media access at Diggers & Dealers’ Forum

MEDIA MATTERS FOR THE KALGOORLIE MINING FORUM It was obvious the set-up crew for the 2015 Diggers & Dealers Mining Forum in Kalgoorlie W.A. had been working hard all day. The Goldfields Art Centre (GAC) and Exhibition Marquee had been transformed since Saturday afternoon. The trucks were empty and the centre of the Exhibition Marquee was filled

Goldfields and the Mining Forum

MINING FORUM SET IN THE GOLDFIELDS OF W.A.  Geoscientists I’ve interviewed for Geoscience Australia’s (GA) History of Australian geoscience oral history program talked about their beginnings in geology.* Some geologists I’ve interviewed started their careers in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia (W.A.). Some attended the Western Australian School of Mines (WASM) ( which is now part of Curtin University. Some ‘geos’ talked sentimentally about the impact which

An industrial election for the Media Alliance in 2015

MEDIA, ENTERTAINMENT AND ARTS ALLIANCE (MEAA) ELECTION NOTICE The Fair Work Commission has made arrangements (Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009) with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) for elections to be conducted in 2015 for various office positions. All positions are honorary.  The full details are listed here: A.C.T. BRANCH REQUIREMENTS Branch President (1) 

Managing Oral Histories in the Digital Age

MANAGING ORAL HISTORIES IN THE DIGITAL AGE IS A COMPLEX ISSUE MADE EASIER BY PAYING ATTENTION TO DETAILS.  American oral historian Professor Michael Frisch delivered the keynote address at the launch of The Australian Generations: Researching 20th Century Lives and Memories conference on 30 October 2014 in Melbourne saying that “life stories are everywhere in this digital

Definitive meanings of health-related words

USING HEALTH-RELATED WORDS CORRECTLY IS IMPORTANT. An article in The Conversation (07 January 2015, 10.11pm AEDT) prompts writers and readers and experts to use health-related words correctly. This is an important part of public health education. “Explainer: what’s the difference between an outbreak and an epidemic?” is authored by Arinjay Banerjee.   He’s a Ph.D. candidate in

Scientists need your support

‘HOW DO WE MAKE SCIENCE MORE INFLUENTIAL?’ This is the primary questions asked by scientist Professor Michael Clarke’s at the 2nd Biodiversity Forum held at the Royal Society of Victoria, Melbourne. His keynote address on 17 October 2014 ‘How can science be more effective in influencing policy affecting biodiversity – lessons from fire ecology?’ was part of the bio-scientist’s

Need words written in a hurry? Hire a copywriter …

NEED WORDS WRITTEN IN A HURRY? Hire a copywriter so you can focus on your finances… Copywriting is the creative process of writing text for advertisements or publicity material (Rob Bowdery 2008, p. i). The chief role of the copywriter is to be a communicator of information and ideas. The core role is to translate
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