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Halloween is like life: full of tricks and treats

HALLOWEEN AND TRICKS AND TREATS Halloween and harvest time reminds us that not everything in life can be taken for granted. Halloween is a Pagan festival celebrated in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere. It is said that a farmer spends one year seeding and then seven years weeding to gain a bumper crop for

Beersheba battle for water access

BEERSHEBA AND WATER ACCESS ARE TWO ISSUES CURRENT IN THE AUSTRALIAN PSYCHE FOR GOOD REASON. Beersheba is a strategic, geographic strong-hold in the Middle East. It is located in the Sinai desert and associated with water and the provision of essential services. Beersheba was a historical campaign in the First World War which is a

Mr Turk has a letter in Beersheba dated 31 October 1917

MR TURK HAS A LETTER AWAITING HIM IN BEERSHEBA TO BE READ BEFORE 31 OCTOBER 1917 A letter for Mr Turk, care of Beersheba, from a solider stationed with the Australian Light Horse Brigade.         “Dear Mr Turk, Beersheba’s nothing to do with beer, Mr Turk mate, It’s everything to do with

The Australian War Memorial treasures writers

A MEMORIAL  OF A VALUED EVENT IS TREASURED IN CANBERRA. ANZAC DAY IS NO EXCEPTION. Memorial writers of all kinds, whether trained or just there recording what they witness, are valued scribes of history, according to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. Known locally as ‘the War Memorial’, the Australian War Memorial (the Memorial) is the centre of

Trevor Kennedy shows his collection of Australiana and Moorcroft pottery

TREVOR KENNEDY GAVE PRIVATE ACCESS TO VIEW HIS COLLECTION OF MOORCROFT POTTERY AND AUSTRALIANA IN THE LEAD-UP TO AUCTION OF THE ARTISTIC ITEMS THIS YEAR. As former editor of The Bulletin magazine, Trevor Kennedy was well-placed to access information on a range of Australiana and international art items available for purchase. Kennedy’s Millers’ Point collection is

Robert Foster Australian Designer VALE

ROBERT FOSTER THE AUSTRALIAN-BORN DESIGNER OF INTERNATIONAL REGARD WAS A GRADUATE OF THE AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY. Robert Foster had a love of humour in art. He was one of Australia’s top designers. He was the founder of the F!NK + Co brand which designed and manufactured brightly coloured water jugs, shot glasses and flatware. He loved

Kristen Alexander’s daring writing feats

KRISTEN ALEXANDER’S TAKING READERS TO GREATER HEIGHTS BY AUTHORING BOOKS ON AERIAL FEATS Kristen Alexander is a Canberra-based researcher and writer who loves aviation. She is an Australian historian who writes about the courage and remarkable feats of aviation pilots to protect their home air space in times of national security. Ms Alexander’s publishers write that

Mother’s Day is a day to remember

MOTHER’S KNOW BEST; KEEP MUM ON THAT ONE; AND MY MOTHER MINDS MY MONEY. Mother’s Day in Australia brings out many myths about Mothers, mothering and being mothered. My own Mother passed away a few year’s ago, but still the memory of a caring eye watching over me prevails. Often Mothers dispense wisdom and truisms taught

Dawn Service Dunedin ANZAC Day remembered

THE DAWN SERVICE IN DUNEDIN ON ANZAC DAY 25 APRIL 2015 WAS A MOVING TRIBUTE TO MATESHIP AND COMMITMENT. This Dawn Service poem is offered to thank those people who attended a 100th ANZAC Day commemoration service:   “ANZAC Day dawned in Dunedin, In the southern island of New Zealand, The weather wet with mist, The soldiers

Lores Bonney was always taking flight

LORES BONNEY, LIKE MANY WOMEN, TOOK TO THE SKIES, PILOTED PLANES AND FOUND THAT THE SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT. A late starter at 30, pilot Lores Bonney became a formidable non-military Australian aviatrix who deserved more publicity for her courage and determination to fly solo from continent to continent. Aviation writer Kristen Alexander’s recently published
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