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Sleepout in the winter’s cold tonight

SLEEPOUT THIS WINTER AND TRY TO PREVENT HOMELESSNESS. These are two topics close to my heart as a fundraiser for the St Vincent de Paul’s CEO Sleepout activities to combat homelessness in Australia. Two weeks ago I was invited to speak to a church group about women and older people becoming homeless. The women in their

Sleepouters at Canberra’s 2018 CEO Sleepout

SLEEPOUTERS IN CANBERRA THIS 21 JUNE NEED YOUR SUPPORT WITH FINANCIAL DONATIONS. Sleepouters know a lot about the cold and the wind. It’s a cold night out sleeping out in Winter even if you are in Australia. Over the last few years, the number of people sleeping outside has increased in Australia. It wasn’t their planned

Mothers, Grand Mothers and God-Mothers

MOTHERS HAVE AN IMPORTANT PART TO PLAY IN EVERY CHILD’S LIFE AND AN OPENESS TO THEIR WISDOM IS HELPFUL. Mothers on Mother’s Day, as well as Grand-Mothers and God-Mothers have a role to play in educating their female relatives about life and literature. One of my favourite stories is a very short poem by American poet Emily

War through Australian Women’s Eyes

UNDERSTANDING WAR: THROUGH WOMEN’S EYES. The Australian War Memorial (AWM) shows the impact of armed conflicts on daily life through women’s eyes in a range of artworks on display. To mark International Women’s Day (IWD), on Thursday 08 March, the Australian War Memorial’s (AWM), public program office ran a behind-the-scenes tour of Australian women’s art. In

Literature on International Womens’ Day

LITERATURE BY WOMEN FOR WOMEN TO BE CELEBRATED. Literature written by women comes in all shapes and sizes. Each piece of literature is a publishing miracle: from single stanzas written to comfort others to heavy-weighted tomes written to frighten or beguile readers. Each tells a story. Many women who attend school are taught English literature,

A Quiet Passion for poetry.

A QUIET PASSION FOR AMERICAN POETRY The film ‘A Quiet Passion’ about the life of American poet Emily Dickinson is one film that readers of classical literature must see at least once in their life. The holiday film season offers so much for the adventurer and lover of horror films. So to watch a biographical

Beersheba Battle remembered for bravery.

BEERSHEBA BATTLE IS REMEMBERED FOR THE BRAVERY OF AUSTRALIAN SOLDIERS Beersheba Battle 1917 is remembered by many Australians with nostalgic reverence. It is a cracking good story about strength, determination and mateship under the desert sun. In the Beersheba Battle, soldier and horse worked together in a victorious force against Turkish elements in the Middle East

Halloween Season can be like a Widow’s truth.

HALLOWEEN SEASON IS NOT ALWAYS TREATS, SWEETS AND SCARY FACES. Halloween Season can sometimes reflect our own lives or those who we love or have loved and lost – as this poem tells:               Halloween Season: the Widow’s Truth Three’s company when you live with a ghost, Try talking

Halloween: full of tricks and treats.

HALLOWEEN AND TRICKS AND TREATS Halloween and harvest time reminds us that not everything in life can be taken for granted. Halloween is a Pagan festival celebrated in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere. It is said that a farmer spends one year seeding and then seven years weeding to gain a bumper crop for

Beersheba battle for water access.

BEERSHEBA AND WATER ACCESS ARE TWO ISSUES CURRENT IN THE AUSTRALIAN PSYCHE FOR GOOD REASON. Beersheba is a strategic, geographic strong-hold in the Middle East. It is located in the Sinai desert and associated with water and the provision of essential services. Beersheba was a historical campaign in the First World War which is a
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