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A corporate event, Porsches and religion do mix

THE SISTINE CHAPEL HIRED FOR CORPORATE EVENT If you intend to hold a charity fund raising event this year, why not take a leaf out of the Vatican’s book? It would seem that holding a corporate event at a famous location will attract wealthy paying guests even if not held at a celebratory time of year. Shortly

An industrial election for the Media Alliance in 2015

MEDIA, ENTERTAINMENT AND ARTS ALLIANCE (MEAA) ELECTION NOTICE The Fair Work Commission has made arrangements (Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009) with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) for elections to be conducted in 2015 for various office positions. All positions are honorary.  The full details are listed here: A.C.T. BRANCH REQUIREMENTS Branch President (1) 

Public sector development Queensland-style in Canberra

NEVER UNDER-ESTIMATE THE ECONOMICS OF POLITICS. The Australian Public Service Commission has appointed the Business School of the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to deliver the Public Sector Management Program (PSMP) across Australia until 2019. The Public Sector Management Program aims to build business of government in partnership with the governments of Australia. The course is

Canberra landscape architecture & art

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE, ART AND QUILTING ON SHOW BY CANBERRA-BASED ARTIST. A Canberra seminar on 31 August 2014 showed on the intersection of landscape architecture and quilting art by artist Dr Dianne Firth. Dianne’s seminar was titled ‘Layers by Design: Landscapes and Quilts’. She had invited members of the public to hear about her latest quilting works inspired by

Business presentation testimonial by Maria Filardo

MARIA FILARDO ARCHITECT’S BUSINESS PRESENTATION TESTIMONIAL. Maria Filardo is a happy client who has provided a business presentation testimonial regarding Fiona Rothchilds’ professional services.  A PowerPoint presentation with speech notes on architectural matters was written by Fiona Rothchilds for Maria Filardo’s first presentation to a new Canberra-based business referral networking group. The PowerPoint slides and speech were developed in October 2014 in consultation with Maria Filardo.

Eleven business presentation planning tips

THE FIRST BUSINESS PRESENTATION YOU ARRANGE COULD ARRANGE YOUR CAREER. In our work life we’re often required to present to our business associates, colleagues and client-base. These presentations can be managed with some team effort and attention to detail so everyone invited can make it to your presentation on time. Here are 11 tips on

5 fantastic tips for special occasion writing!

WRITING FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION MEANS ADOPTING THE RIGHT ATTITUDE. Here are five tips for Welcome/Congratulations/Gratitude/Farewells/Remembrance writing: If you’re writing about someone who is now retiring after an exhausting work life involving international travel, i.e. “I’ve been to Bali too…”, avoid listing all the countries, pubs and venerated shrines they’ve visited while on work-related trips.

5 practical tips for speech writing.

WRITING FOR A SPEECH IS DIFFERENT TO WRITING FOR THE WORDS TO BE QUIETLY READ. Think of who is going to hear the speech rather than who would read the speech on a piece of paper. Speech writing for a work event, wedding or fond-farewell can seem a daunting task if you have not prepared for
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