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Coin design skills valued in Australia

COIN DESIGN IS A RARE SKILL AND ONE WHICH SEVERAL AUSTRALIANS EXCEL AT IN CANBERRA. Coin designing is a specialised technique which the Royal Australian Mint (RAMINT)* prices highly. If you’ve ever wondered about the process behind RAMINT’s coin designs then living in Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra was a good choice this year to find

Design Canberra festival remembers Robert Foster

DESIGN CANBERRA – THE ANNUAL ARTS AND CRAFTS FESTIVAL IN CANBERRA THIS YEAR REMEMBERED LUMINARY DESIGNER ROBERT FOSTER. Designers and artisans gathered on-22-October-2016 for the opening of “Luminary: Remembering Robert Foster” exhibition set in the ActewAGL foyer’s Ossolites display. Ossolite is one of the signature designs of the late Robert Foster. The artist’s legacy of FINK

Wi-Fi, wires and the future on 9 December

WI-FI MEANS WE CAN COMMUNICATE WHEREVER AND WHENEVER. Wi-Fi has changed the way we think, work, live and play. Its creation has changed the face of global communication – all thanks to Australian scientists with an eye for the future. As part of the exhibition A history of the World in 100 Objects, the National Museum

Tim Cope the author and adventurer eyes Eurasia

TIM COPE IS AN AUTHOR WITH AN EYE FOR ADVENTURE. Exploring Eurasia on horseback with Tim Cope sounds like at trip of a lifetime. Last month in Canberra Tim Cope talked to a packed audience retelling his stories of life on the road with a dog and horses across a wild and hostile Mongolian-Hungarian landscape.

History of the World in 100 Objects

HISTORY OF HUMANITY – TWO MILLION YEARS OF IT – IN ONE ROOM IS AN INCREDIBLE FEAT. What makes this expression of human history and cultural stories so compelling is that ancient life is expressed through a rare collection of original artefacts so beautifully collected and restored by the British Museum. A history-of-the-world in 100 Objects, from the British

Robert Foster Australian Designer VALE

ROBERT FOSTER THE AUSTRALIAN-BORN DESIGNER OF INTERNATIONAL REGARD WAS A GRADUATE OF THE AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY. Robert Foster had a love of humour in art. He was one of Australia’s top designers. He was the founder of the F!NK + Co brand which designed and manufactured brightly coloured water jugs, shot glasses and flatware. He loved

Classic American cars for Australian stars

CARS – CLASSIC AMERICAN CARS – ON VIEW AT THE NATIONAL FILM AND SOUND ARCHIVE DREW IN THE CROWDS FOR ROCKABILLY AND 1960S POP STARS If the security hadn’t been so tight, we might have dared ask to take a spin in the white Cadillac or the white Thunderbird with the top down. White duco, gleaming chrome, shark

Photographic evidence of poor etiquette

IT’S NOT OFTEN THAT WE CATCH OUT A GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT SHOWING POOR ETIQUETTE. However, the National Library of Australia has shown up itself on its website, to its readers and website viewers with a photograph of poor etiquette. This is also known as lack of ‘table manners’. The relevant photograph is of concern for staff employed to manage corporate image and customer relations.

A teenage dream 1966

TEENAGE POP FANS LIVING IN AUSTRALIA IN 1966 WOULD HAVE WATCHED THE GO SHOW! The clock was turned back to around 1966 for an evening of mid-1960s pop music and dancing.  All the footage was in black and white – just as it was in 1966 when television viewing times were regulated by older family members and the

Rockabilly takes a swing in Canberra’s Film and Sound Archive

ROCKABILLY TAKES ON DANCING AND JIVING AT THE NATIONAL FILM AND SOUND ARCHIVE. Swing dancing and rock’n’roll was the liveliest time before 7pm last Friday for patrons at the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA)’s Southern Gallery*. Real ‘live’ music played by the ‘Midnight Express’ band kept everyone moving and grooving to the drum beat. The musicians in
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