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AFP pursuit cars roving this holiday season.

AFP VEHICLES ARE ON THE ROAD THIS HOLIDAY SEASON TO MONITOR AND DETER ROAD ACCIDENTS. The AFP, also known as the Australian Federal Police, has a range of motor cars to monitor traffic behaviour each holiday season in an effort to promote safer driving practices. The range of police motor vehicles on the road are sometimes

Orange Sky Laundry answers a traveller’s prayer.

ORANGE SKY LAUNDRY: TO WASH OR NOT TO WASH – THAT IS THE QUESTION. Orange Sky Laundry has many uses for those charcoal grey clothes – from washing in a portable washing machine to line drying en plein air. In undertaking field research on homeless matters earlier this year for the Vinnies CEO Sleepout, I saw several

Trevor Kennedy shows his collection of Australiana and Moorcroft pottery

TREVOR KENNEDY GAVE PRIVATE ACCESS TO VIEW HIS COLLECTION OF MOORCROFT POTTERY AND AUSTRALIANA IN THE LEAD-UP TO AUCTION OF THE ARTISTIC ITEMS THIS YEAR. As former editor of The Bulletin magazine, Trevor Kennedy was well-placed to access information on a range of Australiana and international art items available for purchase. Kennedy’s Millers’ Point collection is

General Motors-Holden to cease production at end of 2017

GENERAL MOTORS AKA ‘THE GENERAL’ IS ABOUT TO TAKE ITS LAST ROAD TRIP WITH PRODUCTION TO CEASE SOON. FITTINGLY IT WILL END WITH A COMMODORE. General Motors-Holden (GMH) has indicated that it will cease trading its vehicle designs and production on 20 October 2017. Production of the Holden Commodore’s  sedans, wagons and utes is to be GMH’s mainstay this year.

Coin design skills valued in Australia

COIN DESIGN IS A RARE SKILL AND ONE WHICH SEVERAL AUSTRALIANS EXCEL AT IN CANBERRA. Coin designing is a specialised technique which the Royal Australian Mint (RAMINT)* prices highly. If you’ve ever wondered about the process behind RAMINT’s coin designs then living in Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra was a good choice this year to find

Design Canberra festival remembers Robert Foster

DESIGN CANBERRA – THE ANNUAL ARTS AND CRAFTS FESTIVAL IN CANBERRA THIS YEAR REMEMBERED LUMINARY DESIGNER ROBERT FOSTER. Designers and artisans gathered on-22-October-2016 for the opening of “Luminary: Remembering Robert Foster” exhibition set in the ActewAGL foyer’s Ossolites display. Ossolite is one of the signature designs of the late Robert Foster. The artist’s legacy of FINK

Wi-Fi, wires and the future on 9 December

WI-FI MEANS WE CAN COMMUNICATE WHEREVER AND WHENEVER. Wi-Fi has changed the way we think, work, live and play. Its creation has changed the face of global communication – all thanks to Australian scientists with an eye for the future. As part of the exhibition A history of the World in 100 Objects, the National Museum

Photographic evidence of poor etiquette

IT’S NOT OFTEN THAT WE CATCH OUT A GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT SHOWING POOR ETIQUETTE. However, the National Library of Australia has shown up itself on its website, to its readers and website viewers with a photograph of poor etiquette. This is also known as lack of ‘table manners’. The relevant photograph is of concern for staff employed to manage corporate image and customer relations.

Business start-ups get a quick fix in Canberra

HOW TO HANDLE BUSINESS GROWTH PAINS DURING HIGH-GROWTH START-UPS IS JUST WHAT A BUSINESS COMMUNITY NEEDS TO HEAR NOW AND THEN. With federal parliament returning to Canberra this week, many commercial operators and innovators are looking for inspiration to make 2016 a financially successful year in business. Canberra entrepreneurs learned from experienced entrepreneur Matthew Michalewicz

India House for Commonwealth curry

INDIA HOUSE IN MUGGA WAY, RED HILL, CANBERRA SERVES THE BEST CURRY IN TOWN. His Excellency, the Australian-based High Commissioner of India, Mr Navdeep Suri, and Mrs Maninder (Mani) Suri recently hosted a soiree at India House with Canberra members of the Royal Commonwealth Society of Australia (RCS). The original invitation for 17 November offered
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