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Menswear is more than just a fig leaf.

MENSWEAR THROUGH THE AGES HAS HAD A COLOURFUL HISTORY AND PROVIDES MORE THAN JUST A FIG LEAF FOR BODY CONSCIOUS MALES . Menswear has played a rich role in the story of fashion, which tends to focus primarily on womenswear. The Reigning Men exhibition recently held at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, Australia, spans 300

Cartier the Exhibition is a display of world class jewellery

THE CARTIER EXHIBITION IN CANBERRA IS A SHINING EXAMPLE OF HOW JEWELS CAN BE MORE THAN THE SUM OF THEIR SEPERATE PARTS. The Cartier Exhibition was originally designed by Dr Margaret Young-Sanchez from the Denver Art Museum in Colorado, USA. Dr Young Sanchez looks after the pre-Columbian art section at the Museum. She holds a

Propaganda during Wartime: Hearts & Minds

PROPAGANDA IS A LOADED WORD FOR MANY PUBLIC SERVANTS. However, for many historians, the word propaganda is the correct term to use for the wartime exhibition of poster and home-front promotional material currently on display in the Australian War Memorial (AWM). ‘Hearts and Minds: Wartime Propaganda’ features an attractive poster of ‘the Blonde Bombshell’, banned

AFP pursuit cars roving this holiday season.

AFP VEHICLES ARE ON THE ROAD THIS HOLIDAY SEASON TO MONITOR AND DETER ROAD ACCIDENTS. The AFP, also known as the Australian Federal Police, has a range of motor cars to monitor traffic behaviour each holiday season in an effort to promote safer driving practices. The range of police motor vehicles on the road are sometimes

Orange Sky Laundry answers a traveller’s prayer.

ORANGE SKY LAUNDRY: TO WASH OR NOT TO WASH – THAT IS THE QUESTION. Orange Sky Laundry has many uses for those charcoal grey clothes – from washing in a portable washing machine to line drying en plein air. In undertaking field research on homeless matters earlier this year for the Vinnies CEO Sleepout, I saw several

Jane Austen fans in Canberra with other folk.

JANE AUSTEN FANS WERE IN CANBERRA WITH OTHER FOLK LAST MONTH – THOUGH ANYONE WOULD’VE THOUGHT IT WAS ALMOST THE VERY MONTH OF MAY…. In the middle of Autumn every year, Canberra enjoys the sounds and festivities of the Jane Austen Weekend in the Albert Hall, Yarralumla. The two-day event with Saturday evening ball offers instructions in group folk set

The Australian War Memorial treasures writers

A MEMORIAL  OF A VALUED EVENT IS TREASURED IN CANBERRA. ANZAC DAY IS NO EXCEPTION. Memorial writers of all kinds, whether trained or just there recording what they witness, are valued scribes of history, according to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. Known locally as ‘the War Memorial’, the Australian War Memorial (the Memorial) is the centre of

Trevor Kennedy shows his collection of Australiana and Moorcroft pottery

TREVOR KENNEDY GAVE PRIVATE ACCESS TO VIEW HIS COLLECTION OF MOORCROFT POTTERY AND AUSTRALIANA IN THE LEAD-UP TO AUCTION OF THE ARTISTIC ITEMS THIS YEAR. As former editor of The Bulletin magazine, Trevor Kennedy was well-placed to access information on a range of Australiana and international art items available for purchase. Kennedy’s Millers’ Point collection is

General Motors-Holden to cease production at end of 2017

GENERAL MOTORS AKA ‘THE GENERAL’ IS ABOUT TO TAKE ITS LAST ROAD TRIP WITH PRODUCTION TO CEASE SOON. FITTINGLY IT WILL END WITH A COMMODORE. General Motors-Holden (GMH) has indicated that it will cease trading its vehicle designs and production on 20 October 2017. Production of the Holden Commodore’s  sedans, wagons and utes is to be GMH’s mainstay this year.

Holden cars attract coin collectors

CLASSIC HOLDEN CARS DREW IN THE CROWDS TO CELEBRATE NEWLY-MINTED COINS In 2016, classic Holden cars were celebrated in 11 colour double-sided coins with the Holden Heritage Coin Collection designed and manufactured by the Royal Australian Mint (RAMINT). As the Holden car is to be phased out at the end of 2017, classic car enthusiasts are keen to
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