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Science occupations for the Earth’s core

OCCUPATIONS TO ADDRESS THE SCIENCE OF THE EARTH IS NOT SOMETHING WHICH MANY ARTS STUDENTS HAVE BEEN ENCOURAGED TO CONSIDER WHEN SELECTING THEIR UNDERGRADUATE COURSES AT UNIVERSITY. In fact, interviews by occupation within the sciences is not something which many professional broadcasters have had to regularly consider. But science discussions should be a regular feature

Oral History interviews by Fiona Rothchilds

LISTENING TO ONLINE ORAL HISTORY INTERVIEWS IS A HEALTHY APPROACH TO LEARNING ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES. Oral history interviewing is a worthwhile activity to undertake because it assists someone to share their life story with the world. For some being interviewed, it’s the first time they’ve shared information about themselves with family, friends, colleagues or

Pedestrians texting: ignore them at your peril.

PEDESTRIANS TEXTING IS A NEW TRAFFIC HAZARD WHICH DRIVERS AND CYCLISTS INCREASINGLY NEED TO LOOK OUT FOR. Pedestrians texting look ridiculous with their heads bent down focused on their screens. They cannot see you if you are driving, cycling or walking near them so take care when they are around. In recent months, I have written

Suzy Molyneux’s passion for pure water

SUZY MOLYNEUX IS AN AMATEUR ENVIRONMENTALIST WHO LIVES IN BUNDANOON IN THE SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS OF N.S.W. Suzy cares about her environment and her friends and family. She loves the free-running clean water available in rural New South Wales. Suzy volunteered for an oral history interview with the State Library of NSW to air her concerns

Sound recordings played forward

ACHIEVING SUSTAINABILITY OF SOUND RECORDINGS IN A TIME OF RAPID TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE IS A DAUNTING CHALLENGE. However, the Australasian Sound Recordings Association (ASRA) recently held its 2015 national conference in Sydney with a great deal of member and institutional support. The conference “Play it Forward: Sustainability in a Time of Rapid Change” was held from 18

Tideline by Elizabeth Truswell

AN AUSTRALIAN GEOSCIENTIST AND VISUAL ARTIST FROM KALGOORLIE TAKES IN TIDELINES IN THE KIMBERLEYS OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA. A recent exhibition by geologist-artist Elizabeth Truswell shows the clear intersection of geology and outback art. In the Tideline exhibition held in Canberra this month, Elizabeth Truswell shows the public on the eastern seaboard the ruggedness and beauty of Western

Media access at Diggers & Dealers’ Forum

MEDIA MATTERS FOR THE KALGOORLIE MINING FORUM It was obvious the set-up crew for the 2015 Diggers & Dealers Mining Forum in Kalgoorlie W.A. had been working hard all day. The Goldfields Art Centre (GAC) and Exhibition Marquee had been transformed since Saturday afternoon. The trucks were empty and the centre of the Exhibition Marquee was filled

Goldfields and the Mining Forum

MINING FORUM SET IN THE GOLDFIELDS OF W.A.  Geoscientists I’ve interviewed for Geoscience Australia’s (GA) History of Australian geoscience oral history program talked about their beginnings in geology.* Some geologists I’ve interviewed started their careers in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia (W.A.). Some attended the Western Australian School of Mines (WASM) ( which is now part of Curtin University. Some ‘geos’ talked sentimentally about the impact which

Sunday best in the Goldfields, Western Australia

SUNDAY BEST IN THE GOLDFIELDS. A Sunday in the Goldfields isn’t usually filled with the sound of church bells ringing all morning. However the business of digging and dealing continues. Kalgoorlie proved to be no different to anywhere else in outback Australia on Sunday 02 August 2015. Instead of church bells ringing on a Sunday

Kalgoorlie in the winter-time

KALGOORLIE IN THE WINTER-TIME IS COLD. Kalgoorlie wasn’t pretty but it was cold. Just as you’d expect in winter-time. There was no snow but there was plenty of rain. Lots of it on the day I arrived in Kalgoorlie. In Western Australia the rain falls hard and fast … just like I’m told the locals
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