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St John’s Care tackles homelessness

ST JOHN’S CARE ALLEVIATES RENT STRESS AND HUNGER IN THE KINDEST POSSIBLE WAY. It provides emergency relief to rent-stressed and homeless Canberrans. This is critical care as housing affordability in the Canberra-Queanbeyan regions is experiencing hardship. St John’s Care is a supporter of Anglicare Australia’s 8th Rental Affordability Snapshot. The report shows a serious shortage of

Suzy Molyneux’s passion for pure water

SUZY MOLYNEUX IS AN AMATEUR ENVIRONMENTALIST WHO LIVES IN BUNDANOON IN THE SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS OF N.S.W. Suzy cares about her environment and her friends and family. She loves the free-running clean water available in rural New South Wales. Suzy volunteered for an oral history interview with the State Library of NSW to air her concerns

Business start-ups get a quick fix in Canberra

HOW TO HANDLE BUSINESS GROWTH PAINS DURING HIGH-GROWTH START-UPS IS JUST WHAT A BUSINESS COMMUNITY NEEDS TO HEAR NOW AND THEN. With federal parliament returning to Canberra this week, many commercial operators and innovators are looking for inspiration to make 2016 a financially successful year in business. Canberra entrepreneurs learned from experienced entrepreneur Matthew Michalewicz

Research into womens’ technology needs

RESEARCH INTO THE WAY THAT MEN AND WOMEN ACCESS AND USE NEW TECHNOLOGY HIGHLIGHTS DIFFERENCES IN MOBILITY AND CONNECTEDNESS. This is the consensus of opinion among the presenters at the Mobile-ising Women in Business seminar held in Sydney recently. Women want greater work flexibility and to ‘go mobile‘. The prefer the mobility of technological devices to communicate

Mobile-ising women for business

WOMEN ARE MOBILE-ISING: “WORKING FOR BUSINESS. WORKING FOR AUSTRALIA.” That’s the tag line for the latest initiatives from the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry based in Canberra. Kate Carnell of the Australia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) hosted the one-day seminar ‘Mobile-ising Women in Business’ in Sydney on 09 December 2015 with great success. It was

High tea at the National Gallery of Australia

HIGH TEA SETTING AT THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF AUSTRALIA IS A WORK OF ART. High tea at the Art Gallery sounds like fun for children and Mums alike and being able to run around and look at pictures is even better! The Wedgwood Tea Room is stunning – as is the view. Yes, this is obviously a

It’s time blue-chip investors take stock

WITH INVESTORS FACING THEIR LOWEST RETURNS IN YEARS FROM THEIR BHP SHARES, IT’S NO WONDER THEY’RE FEELING LOST AND CONFUSED. The lowering domestic commodity prices, the downturn of the mining boom, and the Chinese economic slowdown are all adding deadweight to these investors’ woes. In a front page article in The AFR Weekend, 14-15 November 2015, writer Matthew Smith* comments

Blue-chip investors experience cognitive biases

SOMETIMES YOU JUST GOT TO KNOW WHEN TO FOLD ‘EM Blue-chip investors are susceptible to cognitive biases that keep the big-cap stocks front of mind – even when the little guys show more promise writes Vanessa Desloires. In her Smartinvestor article of 09 September 2015 in The Australian Financial Review, Ms Desloires* says “Everyone has held

A corporate event, Porsches and religion do mix

THE SISTINE CHAPEL HIRED FOR CORPORATE EVENT If you intend to hold a charity fund raising event this year, why not take a leaf out of the Vatican’s book? It would seem that holding a corporate event at a famous location will attract wealthy paying guests even if not held at a celebratory time of year. Shortly

Big Data from 2014 CPA Congress

HOW WE  ACCESS AND USE BIG DATA SAYS A LOT ABOUT US. Presenters on Big Data at the 2014 CPA Congress in Australia suggest that Big Data is not just big – it’s getting faster and more efficient.  The latest edition of In The Black, the regular publication for CPA Australia, the Certified Public Accountants’ professional organisation in Australia, recently ran a
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