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Journalism – accurate and truthful – comes at a cost.

JOURNALISM IS A PROFESSION WHICH COMES AT A GREAT COST. Journalism is also a profession which is labour intensive and time consuming. The Walkley Foundation has launched a national public awareness campaign about the value of quality journalism: What Price Would You Pay? As a member of the media community, the Foundation hopes to see you and

Smoking ban: good for your health.

SMOKING BANS ARE NOW COMMON IN PUBLIC PLACES AROUND THE WORLD, THANKFULLY. A smoking ban in force means there are many opportunities to improve your health within a decade. For example, ten years on after the introduction of the smoking ban in England, Andrew Russell of Durham University posts eight (8) things that the smoking ban has

St John’s Care tackles homelessness

ST JOHN’S CARE ALLEVIATES RENT STRESS AND HUNGER IN THE KINDEST POSSIBLE WAY. It provides emergency relief to rent-stressed and homeless Canberrans. This is critical care as housing affordability in the Canberra-Queanbeyan regions is experiencing hardship. St John’s Care is a supporter of Anglicare Australia’s 8th Rental Affordability Snapshot. The report shows a serious shortage of

The Biz Better Together initiative is fashionable

BIZ BETTER TOGETHER WAS A GREAT CONFERENCE. IN SOME CASES THE FASHIONISTAS IN THE LOBBY AREA QUEUING FOR CUP CAKES RIVALLED THE SPEAKERS’ CONTENT. On 28 February 2017 at the QT Hotel in inner Canberra, we were welcomed in by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Canberra Chamber of Commerce, Robyn Hendry. We were advised about the

Vinnies raises funds for the needy in Canberra on 22 June 2017

VINNIES IS RAISING FUNDS FOR THE NEEDY IN CANBERRA ON THURSDAY 22 JUNE 2017.  I’m one of the Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) volunteering to ‘sleepout’ to raise funds as part of the VINNIES CEO Sleepout event. Vinnies is the short form of the name St Vincent de Paul Society. Vinnies is a charity which raises funds to help the

Noel Butlin would be proud of his archival collection

NOEL BUTLIN, ECONOMIC HISTORIAN AND ARCHIVIST, WOULD BE PROUD IF HE COULD SEE THE RESULTS OF HIS EXTENSIVE COMPANY HISTORY COLLECTION ON SHOW IN CANBERRA RECENTLY. A collector’s focus is absorbing, passionate and highly-detailed – honed by years of specialisation and dedication to a subject or discipline. The Noel Butlin Archives Centre (NBAC) at the Australian

Jackie and Emily Post showed resilience

JACKIE AND EMILY POST WOULD HAVE BEEN IN ACCORD AND SUPPORTED EACH OTHER IN TIMES OF GRIEF. The film ‘Jackie’ which has recently reached the cinema, shows up to some viewers just how much social upbringing and family values are ingrained in a person’s psyche and ways of being. ‘Jackie’ is an attempt to portray

ArchivesACT revisits 1950s public service

ArchivesACT, OTHERWISE KNOWN AS THE ACT RECORDS OFFICE, IS CURRENTLY EXHIBITING SOME OF THE 1956 COMMONWEALTH PUBLIC SERVICE ENTRANCE EXAMINATIONS. ArchivesACT has released the records at its Find of the Month for December 2016. According to PS News*, the Director of Territory Records, Ms Dani Wickman says ArchivesACT thought “…it would be fun to take

Robert Foster Australian Designer VALE

ROBERT FOSTER THE AUSTRALIAN-BORN DESIGNER OF INTERNATIONAL REGARD WAS A GRADUATE OF THE AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY. Robert Foster had a love of humour in art. He was one of Australia’s top designers. He was the founder of the F!NK + Co brand which designed and manufactured brightly coloured water jugs, shot glasses and flatware. He loved

Suzy Molyneux’s passion for pure water

SUZY MOLYNEUX IS AN AMATEUR ENVIRONMENTALIST WHO LIVES IN BUNDANOON IN THE SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS OF N.S.W. Suzy cares about her environment and her friends and family. She loves the free-running clean water available in rural New South Wales. Suzy volunteered for an oral history interview with the State Library of NSW to air her concerns
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