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IP Australia protects my trademark

IP AUSTRALIA PROTECTS MY TRADEMARK AND MANY OTHERS LISTED ON AN AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT WEBSITE. As a government entity, IP Australia registers words, designs, images and a range of products to give exclusive rights of use. IP Australia is a Federal government entity managed by the Australian government within Australia. The agency was founded in 1998

The Biz Better Together initiative is fashionable

BIZ BETTER TOGETHER WAS A GREAT CONFERENCE. IN SOME CASES THE FASHIONISTAS IN THE LOBBY AREA QUEUING FOR CUP CAKES RIVALLED THE SPEAKERS’ CONTENT. On 28 February 2017 at the QT Hotel in inner Canberra, we were welcomed in by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Canberra Chamber of Commerce, Robyn Hendry. We were advised about the

Robert Foster Australian Designer VALE

ROBERT FOSTER THE AUSTRALIAN-BORN DESIGNER OF INTERNATIONAL REGARD WAS A GRADUATE OF THE AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY. Robert Foster had a love of humour in art. He was one of Australia’s top designers. He was the founder of the F!NK + Co brand which designed and manufactured brightly coloured water jugs, shot glasses and flatware. He loved

National safety is everyone’s responsibility

NATIONAL SAFETY IS THE PRIME GOAL FOR ALL MANAGERS WHO SUPERVISE A RANGE OF WORKERS IN PUBLIC AND PRIVATE ORGANISATIONS. National safety is a corner stone responsibility of several government agencies including the Department of Social Security (DSS), the National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA) and SafeWork Australia. According to a recent Department of Social

Safety in the workplace

SAFETY IN THE WORKPLACE IS CRITICAL TO WORKER CONCENTRATION AND THE ABILITY TO PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL. Safety in the workplace involves many aspects of occupational health and safety (OH&S). Issues concerning our safety climate apply where we work or congregate: in universities, hospitals, government departments, shopping malls, commercial buildings, while “in the field”, “on the road” or while at home. 

Manners both great and small

MANNERS – GREAT AND SMALL – MAKE A PRODUCTIVE WORK DAY FOR ALL. “Manners maketh man…” (1300) or so William of Wykeham, the Bishop of Winchester & Chancellor of England (1324 – 1404) told our forebears. Manners make such a difference in the work place, and aid occupational health and safety (OH&S) for staff, students,

Scam and scam-fear

I HATE SCAM. EVEN MORE THOUGH, I HATE SCAM-FEAR. Scams abound and receiving scam emails is a common reality if we use the Internet and electronic mail (email). Being unwittingly targeted by unwelcome and unsolicited scams is disappointing.  Being scammed generates the same feelings as when our car has been rear-ended by a neighbour who

Business start-ups get a quick fix in Canberra

HOW TO HANDLE BUSINESS GROWTH PAINS DURING HIGH-GROWTH START-UPS IS JUST WHAT A BUSINESS COMMUNITY NEEDS TO HEAR NOW AND THEN. With federal parliament returning to Canberra this week, many commercial operators and innovators are looking for inspiration to make 2016 a financially successful year in business. Canberra entrepreneurs learned from experienced entrepreneur Matthew Michalewicz

Research into womens’ technology needs

RESEARCH INTO THE WAY THAT MEN AND WOMEN ACCESS AND USE NEW TECHNOLOGY HIGHLIGHTS DIFFERENCES IN MOBILITY AND CONNECTEDNESS. This is the consensus of opinion among the presenters at the Mobile-ising Women in Business seminar held in Sydney recently. Women want greater work flexibility and to ‘go mobile‘. The prefer the mobility of technological devices to communicate

Mobile-ising women for business

WOMEN ARE MOBILE-ISING: “WORKING FOR BUSINESS. WORKING FOR AUSTRALIA.” That’s the tag line for the latest initiatives from the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry based in Canberra. Kate Carnell of the Australia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) hosted the one-day seminar ‘Mobile-ising Women in Business’ in Sydney on 09 December 2015 with great success. It was
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