Business Intelligence

A Business Intelligence Analyst makes a leading contribution to the development, planning and production of intelligence outputs and outcomes. Intelligence analysts are primarily concerned with the production of value-added product from the collection, evaluation and analysis of information, including bulk data sets and special collections.

These are professionals with analytical and communications skills, they are highly motivated and organised, and they have a proven record of delivering quality outcomes.

Within the government sector, agencies often seek motivated analysts who will interrogate simple or complex data sets and information/intelligence systems.  This is done either independently or in conjunction with other lead agency work areas and partner agency staff.

The analysis work is undertaken to support unexplained extra-mural intelligence generation activities and any other approved agency priorities as required. Business intelligence analysts work closely with other intelligence professionals, operational teams and external partner agencies to ensure that intelligence outputs support the strategic and operational needs of the lead agency and its clients.

Within government, the intelligence generated by business intelligence analysts contributes to, and supports the initiation of the lead agency, and partner agency investigations/intelligence operations targeting various forms of fiduciary activity.

Within commerce, the business intelligence analyst often works with a business development officer to analyse and research pre-sales and sales data. The analyst researches and identifies information about business opportunities. The analyst will also identify and assess the risks associated with business venture and strategies to reduce those risks.

The analysts’ research output also assists the development officer to generate and follow-up sales opportunities from new and existing clients. This is undertaken through relationship building with key influencers and decision-makers.

By providing timely analyses of the business environment, the business intelligence analyst assists to prompt early and direct engagement with existing business clients and customers and to generate new sales opportunities.

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