Life’s Lesson No. 1

LIFE HAS A NUMBER OF LESSONS WHICH CAN BE TAUGHT IN PERSON OR VICARIOUSLY DEPENDING ON OUR ACCESS TO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. Life teaches us a number of lessons as we journey with others. My late sports coach, Ann Marie, used to email me philosophical thoughts to inspire me with my university studies. Her ideas were

Breakfasts in season

BREAKFASTS BRING A HOUSEHOLD TOGETHER AT THE START OF THE DAY. My family enjoyed seasonal breakfasts that had a way of prompting happy memories from the past. We don’t have gargantuan Sunday breakfasts anymore. My parents used to begin their days with a hearty breakfast. I used to love a walk before breakfast confident that

Hard rocks and beer put life’s difficulties into shape

IN DIFFICULT TIMES WHEN PURSUING ANY GOAL, FOCUSSING ON WHAT MATTERS MOST IS CRITICAL TO SUCCESS. The COVD-19 pandemic has given every business owner an opportunity to reflect and review their focus and apply sound strategies for renewal and refueling. This aide de memoire was provided to me by one of my sports coaches, American

Philosophy with sports training wins the day.

SOMETIMES THE BEST LEADERSHIP MESSAGES COME FROM ATHLETIC ANGELS. Recovering your financial position in the midst of an economic downturn takes courage. Finding the right strategy to focus your thinking and energies is critical to business success. The learnings from other areas of striving can be applied to the business world. For example, in undertaking

A change of supermarket location can be a holiday.

SUPERMARKETS STILL HAVE WAYS OF ENTICING CUSTOMERS TO SPEND EVEN WHEN THE COMMUNITY IS IN ECONOMIC DESPAIR. To mange this situation, try changing your buying tactics, supermarket brand or supermarket location. It’s important to be practical about the way we interact with others during this difficult time of the pandemic. By that I mean, taking

Triage for safety on public holidays

TRIAGING FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY ON PUBLIC HOLIDAYS IS ONE WAY TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU STAY ALIVE AND WELL. Even thought the sun is shining and the sky is blue, try triaging for the safety of you. Triage for safety by choosing to stay at home this weekend if you can. That way, you

Succeeding in times of trial is a mark of character

WHILE THE WORLD WAITS FOR A HEALTHIER FUTURE, SOME WORDS OF KINDNESS MAKE THE AIR WE BREATHE SEEM FRESHER. Queen Elizabeth has paid tribute to the British nation’s healthcare workers during the coronavirus pandemic. Her Majesty’s speech in full is listed below as printed in The Canberra Times: “I am speaking to you at what

Media Union urges members to take care to work safely at home and in the field.

MEDIA UNION MEMBERS ARE REMINDED TO TAKE THE LONG VIEW ON WORKING IN 2020. The coronavirus (COVID-19) is posing significant challenges for professionals and traders in all industries. Many of the industries which the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) covers rely in a large part on audiences turning up and touring. This means the

Freelance writers value solvency and business trust

FREELANCE WRITING IS A PRECARIOUS JOB ROLE IF THE BUSINESS WORLD AND ECONOMIC CLIMATE IS HIT HARD BY FORCE MAJEURES OR LEGAL NON-COMPLIANCE. The business world of the professional freelance writer is becoming a tortuous obstacle course with more small to medium size business folding with the on-going economic downturn.  As a result, some financial

February was a month of fire-and flood-recovery actions.

RECOVERY WORK TO PROTECT AUSTRALIA’S CULTURAL HERITAGE FROM THREATS DUE TO WAR AND DISASTER. As many practitioners have spoken and written in the media recently, fire recovery and flood recovery are critical to protect heritage items in crisis situations. The organisation Blue Shield* Australia has provided a list of resources to support salvage and recovery of
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