Road rules are not rules of thumb

ROAD RULES ARE LAWS AND NOT RULES OF THUMB IN THE AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY (A.C.T.) WHICH MEANS ‘SAFETY FIRST-ZERO HARM’ IS THE TRAVELLERS CREED TO OBSERVE. Road rules are legislated by governing bodies and enforceable by law so take care when visiting Canberra, the Nation’s Capital of Australia, because drivers, cyclists and pedestrians need to take

Smartphone zombies and intersections

SMARTPHONE ZOMBIES ARE AT RISK OF INJURY OR DEATH WHILE OUT WALKING Smartphone zombies are causing major problems at intersections and cross-roads which can be resolved by turning off their mobile phone when walking. If you’ve stood at an intersection or bus stop and watched office workers leave their building at the end of the

Safety first for mobile workforce

SAFETY FIRST  IS A MUST FOR TRAVELLERS AND THE MOBILE WORKFORCE IN 2017 Safety first  matters are the key to survival and success while taking part in the global mobile workforce this year. With a range of international relations concerns, new geopolitical hot buttons and health warnings being issued, working in the field is becoming hazardous. Mobile workers

‘Kings Bay’ film a lesson in ethics

THE ‘KINGS BAY’ FILM OFFERS LESSONS IN MEDIA ETHICS AND CORPORATE RESPONSIBLITY FOR ANY BUDDING JOURNALIST TO SAVOUR. Kings Bay looks a winter-time treat for any fan of the Northern Lights but crime, corruption and corporate greed play heavily in a fictitious media company in Tromsø. Office politics and use of information technology including mobile phones can

Orange Sky Laundry answers a traveller’s prayer

ORANGE SKY LAUNDRY: TO WASH OR NOT TO WASH – THAT IS THE QUESTION. Orange Sky Laundry has many uses for those charcoal grey clothes – from washing in a portable washing machine to line drying en plein air. In undertaking field research on homeless matters earlier this year for the Vinnies CEO Sleepout, I saw several

Novelist Jane Austen’s celebrations are fashionable fun

NOVELIST JANE AUSTEN IS CELEBRATED IN SYDNEY (NSW) THIS MONTH WITH A RANGE OF LADY-LIKE ACTIVITIES TO TEMPT REFINED MINDS AND PALATES. If you fancy yourself as a an expert of novelist Jane Austen, you might be interested these notable events in July 2017: There’s in a choral evensong organised by the Jane Austen Society of

Smoking ban: good for your health

SMOKING BANS ARE NOW COMMON IN PUBLIC PLACES AROUND THE WORLD, THANKFULLY. A smoking ban in force means there are many opportunities to improve your health within a decade. For example, ten years on after the introduction of the smoking ban in England, Andrew Russell of Durham University posts eight (8) things that the smoking ban has

Adelaide culture in the winter time is warming

ADELAIDE HOLIDAY FOR THE CULTURALLY-MINDED Adelaide offers a panacea for those tired of gleaming silver, industrial grey buildings with public policy experts networking over water coolers and within local coffee kiosks. On a brief trip across regional east-coast Australia, heritage, granite and sandstone were found in abundance in South Australia (SA). The capital of SA

Jane Austen fans in Canberra with other folk

JANE AUSTEN FANS WERE IN CANBERRA WITH OTHER FOLK LAST MONTH – THOUGH ANYONE WOULD’VE THOUGHT IT WAS ALMOST THE VERY MONTH OF MAY…. In the middle of Autumn every year, Canberra enjoys the sounds and festivities of the Jane Austen Weekend in the Albert Hall, Yarralumla. The two-day event with Saturday evening ball offers instructions in group folk set

Media Alliance photographers kept in the picture

MEDIA ALLIANCE PHOTOGRAPHERS  IN AUSTRALIA ARE WAITING IT OUT. Photographers who are members of the Media Alliance are being asked to ‘Keep News Corp photographers in the picture’. A Media Alliance (MEAA) email sent earlier this week said “News Corporation photographers around the country have started the difficult process of one-on-one meetings with local managers about their futures
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