Science occupations for the Earth’s core

OCCUPATIONS TO ADDRESS THE SCIENCE OF THE EARTH IS NOT SOMETHING WHICH MANY ARTS STUDENTS HAVE BEEN ENCOURAGED TO CONSIDER WHEN SELECTING THEIR UNDERGRADUATE COURSES AT UNIVERSITY. In fact, interviews by occupation within the sciences is not something which many professional broadcasters have had to regularly consider. But science discussions should be a regular feature

Oral History interviews by Fiona Rothchilds

LISTENING TO ONLINE ORAL HISTORY INTERVIEWS IS A HEALTHY APPROACH TO LEARNING ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES. Oral history interviewing is a worthwhile activity to undertake because it assists someone to share their life story with the world. For some being interviewed, it’s the first time they’ve shared information about themselves with family, friends, colleagues or

Eating onions raw or cooked makes good sense.

EATING ONIONS WILL BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY LEVELS TO SURVIVE STRESSFUL EVENTS. Some people claim that eating onions is like taking a massive Vitamin C tablet. They say this because the vegetable is full of goodness that our bodies need to combat stress and improve immunity. Many households have family recipes that use a variety of

Onions improve your inner good health but take care in their choice!

ONIONS ARE A STAPLE FOOD PRODUCE AVAILABLE TO MAINTAIN GOOD HEALTH THIS WINTER. Onions come in all shapes and sizes, colours, and textures. This vegetable makes a valuable fibre and Vitamin C contribution to our daily meals. The botanical name for onions is Allium cepa and comes from the cultivated species of the genus Allium.

Toast – French style – is easy to make

FRENCH TOAST IS THE QUICKEST AND EASIEST SNACK TO MAKE SO DON’T DELAY. MAKE IT TODAY. A warm, nourishing snack will feed the soul and cheer flagging spirits. French toast is serious comfort food for any time of the day. It’s one of the quickest ways to cheer someone who needs food. In this pandemic

Life’s Lesson No. 1 is to focus.

LIFE’S LESSON NO. 1 CAN BE TAUGHT IN PERSON OR VICARIOUSLY DEPENDING ON ACCESS TO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. Life teaches us a number of lessons as we journey with others. Its first lesson is to look after Number One and stay focused. My late sports coach, Ann Marie, used to email me philosophical thoughts to inspire

Pain perdu: to cook or not to cook?

WHAT’S IN A NAME? A DISH OF ‘FRENCH TOAST’ CALLED BY ANY OTHER NAME TASTES JUST AS GOOD. WE LOVE PAIN PERDU! Some families have recipes which are handed down through the ages like family history. In my family, being able to cook in any weather, in good times and bad times, is critical to survival. The

Bread is the staff of life for survival.

IF BREAD IS THE MAIN STAY OF LIFE, WHAT IS THE USE OF STALE BREAD? In any kitchen pantry, the bread bin occupies a special place on a shelf with limited access. The bin usually contains a morning-fresh loaf to enjoy for breakfast and several pieces called ‘odds and ends’. The white bread loaf is

Breakfasts in season

BREAKFAST BRINGS A HOUSEHOLD TOGETHER AT THE START OF THE DAY. Enjoying breakfasts in the season is a way of prompting happy memories from the past. Seasonal fruits make a taste difference especially with hot cereals and toasts. We don’t have gargantuan Sunday breakfasts anymore. My parents used to begin their days with a hearty

Hard rocks and beer put life’s difficulties into shape.

IN DIFFICULT TIMES WHEN PURSUING ANY GOAL, FOCUSSING ON WHAT MATTERS MOST IS CRITICAL TO SUCCESS. The COVD-19 pandemic has given every business owner an opportunity to reflect and review their focus and apply sound strategies for renewal and refueling. This aide de memoire was provided to me by one of my sports coaches, American
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