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Journalism – accurate and truthful – comes at a cost.

JOURNALISM IS A PROFESSION WHICH COMES AT A GREAT COST. Journalism is also a profession which is labour intensive and time consuming. The Walkley Foundation has launched a national public awareness campaign about the value of quality journalism: What Price Would You Pay? As a member of the media community, the Foundation hopes to see you and

Self-care is part of an artist’s life.

SELF-CARE IS NECESSARY FOR ARTISTS AND ART WORKERS TO PRACTISE BECAUSE IT SUSTAINS CREATIVITY. As the artist Vincent van Gogh found out years ago, practising self-care as a working artist is a daily habit to develop to ensure longevity. It should be something we each do everyday to sustain ourselves.  Many organizations which support the

Canberra Modern Mates are missed already

CANBERRA MODERN MATES ARE MISSED ALREADY A poem for mates who lived their lives full of daring, caring and great deeds. Canberra Modern Mates Today I learned I’ve lost five mates in eight months They’re dropping like flies, including Bruce … And Alan, Peter, Bill and now Bob … all gone … wow! Who’s going

Markets in autumnal weather

MARKETS COME AND GO, JUST LIKE FASHION AND GREY CLOUDS Markets full of colourful clothing and accessories might not be everyone’s idea of a social event to attend, but dedicated fashionistas in Canberra and beyond religiously attend to be seen with the good textile curators and great designers of the period. To shine with others

Safety Guiding Principles for the workplace

SAFETY FIRST IS THE BEST WAY TO ENJOY THE FRUITS OF LIFE. In a recent announcement regarding a workplace incident, a university might claim that the incident was ‘unfortunate but not unpredictable’. It would seem that mental health issues are more common in our workplace than many are comfortable talking about. While I do not

Saying it with bleuets: silk floral postcards

BLEUETS OR A POSY OF BLUE FLOWERS MIGHT LAST FOR ONE WEEK BUT THE FLOWERS BECOME SPENT AND DIE. However, a silk postcard of these blue flowers might last almost a lifetime – as many soldiers in the First World War valiantly hoped.  They wrote cards and letters to let their loved ones know that they

Roses are red

ROSES ARE RED AND I LOVE YOU … ‘Roses are red …’ is the title of the next Australian War Memorial (AWM) talk on historical documents known as silk post cards. At 12.30pm on 02 May 2019 in the Research Centre’s reading Room, one of the AWM’s paid researchers will talk on how messages were hidden

Seen and not heard at breakfast is helpful

SEEN AND NOT HEARD Sometimes it might be better to be ‘seen and not heard’. The expression ‘children should be seen and not heard’ is an old English proverb, dating from the 15th century. In the original form, it referred specifically to young women (girls) who were expected to keep quiet and not to chatter.

Affordable housing

AFFORDABLE HOUSING AND SAFE SLEEP CONCERNS Affordable housing and sleeping out in Canberra are two hot topics, in my experience, which receive a regular work out in barbeque conversations over the summer holidays. My own state of Canberra (Australian Capital Territory) has a significant increase in the number of rough sleepers. In the Canberra Central

ANZAC Day Breakfast 2018

ANZAC DAY BREAKFAST CONVERSATIONS OF TEA, SWEET PASTRIES AND FRUITS. ANZAC DAY is a solemn day of remembrance of Australian and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers who fought and died for their country. It is celebrated on 25 April each year, regardless of on which day it falls. The day is a national public holiday,
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