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Maison Cartier and Canberra’s weather are cool

THE MAISON CARTIER EXHIBITION AND CANBERRA ARE COOL JUST LIKE THE WINTER WEATHER. The National Gallery of Australia (NGA) is clear on its intent to promote art and culture to the masses. It’s current large and visually spectacular exhibition of expensive jewellery. Its 2018 program on pages 8-9 provides the following information: “Cartier: The Exhibition is

Sleepout in the winter’s cold tonight

SLEEPOUT THIS WINTER AND TRY TO PREVENT HOMELESSNESS. These are two topics close to my heart as a fundraiser for the St Vincent de Paul’s CEO Sleepout activities to combat homelessness in Australia. Two weeks ago I was invited to speak to a church group about women and older people becoming homeless. The women in their

Sleepouters at Canberra’s 2018 CEO Sleepout

SLEEPOUTERS IN CANBERRA THIS 21 JUNE NEED YOUR SUPPORT WITH FINANCIAL DONATIONS. Sleepouters know a lot about the cold and the wind. It’s a cold night out sleeping out in Winter even if you are in Australia. Over the last few years, the number of people sleeping outside has increased in Australia. It wasn’t their planned
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