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Mothers, Grand Mothers and God-Mothers

MOTHERS HAVE AN IMPORTANT PART TO PLAY IN EVERY CHILD’S LIFE AND AN OPENESS TO THEIR WISDOM IS HELPFUL. Mothers on Mother’s Day, as well as Grand-Mothers and God-Mothers have a role to play in educating their female relatives about life and literature. One of my favourite stories is a very short poem by American poet Emily

Cartier the Exhibition is a display of world class jewellery

THE CARTIER EXHIBITION IN CANBERRA IS A SHINING EXAMPLE OF HOW JEWELS CAN BE MORE THAN THE SUM OF THEIR SEPERATE PARTS. The Cartier Exhibition was originally designed by Dr Margaret Young-Sanchez from the Denver Art Museum in Colorado, USA. Dr Young Sanchez looks after the pre-Columbian art section at the Museum. She holds a
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