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Jackie and Emily Post showed resilience

JACKIE AND EMILY POST WOULD HAVE BEEN IN ACCORD AND SUPPORTED EACH OTHER IN TIMES OF GRIEF. The film ‘Jackie’ which has recently reached the cinema, shows up to some viewers just how much social upbringing and family values are ingrained in a person’s psyche and ways of being. ‘Jackie’ is an attempt to portray

Storm-proofing what you value

STORM-PROOFING PROPERTY AND VALUABLES IS CRITICAL IN SUMMER.  THE HIGH WINDS AND HEATWAVE CONTINUE TO CAUSE PROBLEMS AND STORM-PROOFING IS NECESSARY TO SECURE OUR ENVIRONMENT. But storm-proofing a business or company reputation is an on-going matter which requires diligent attention and care. In this regard, every day is a potential Black Friday. In Canberra, media

General Motors-Holden to cease production at end of 2017

GENERAL MOTORS AKA ‘THE GENERAL’ IS ABOUT TO TAKE ITS LAST ROAD TRIP WITH PRODUCTION TO CEASE SOON. FITTINGLY IT WILL END WITH A COMMODORE. General Motors-Holden (GMH) has indicated that it will cease trading its vehicle designs and production on 20 October 2017. Production of the Holden Commodore’s  sedans, wagons and utes is to be GMH’s mainstay this year.
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