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Quick and Dirty Publishing: Pulp Fiction

PULP FICTION IS A QUICK AND, SOMETIMES, DIRTY READ. Pulp fiction in the 1940s and 50s was published in vast numbers usually provocatively titled and illustrated. It was quick and dirty publishing available everywhere for a mass audience. For anyone with a pocket full of loose change, a sixpence bought you a cheap read of

Brigadoon branding works for Bundanoon

BRAVE HEARTED BUNDANOON SHOWS HOW REBRANDING WORKS – IF ONLY FOR ONE DAY A YEAR. No wonder I hadn’t found Brigadoon on the Australian map. I knew of Bundanoon in New South Wales (NSW) but I thought they must be two separate towns. At my hotel for the weekend, the receptionist said, “… just follow the signs to Sutton

A corporate event, Porsches and religion do mix

THE SISTINE CHAPEL HIRED FOR CORPORATE EVENT If you intend to hold a charity fund raising event this year, why not take a leaf out of the Vatican’s book? It would seem that holding a corporate event at a famous location will attract wealthy paying guests even if not held at a celebratory time of year. Shortly
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