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Real Estate copywriting

DOES COPYWRITING FOR REAL ESTATE ADVERTISEMENTS PAY? Copywriting to sell someone’s property is a quick and fun way to make your writing gifts pay.  If you’re fortunate enough to know a couple of real estate agents (realtors) who are short of time with plenty of work to do then offer to write their copy text for them. Outsourcing the

Business presentation testimonial by Maria Filardo

MARIA FILARDO ARCHITECT’S BUSINESS PRESENTATION TESTIMONIAL. Maria Filardo is a happy client who has provided a business presentation testimonial regarding Fiona Rothchilds’ professional services.  A PowerPoint presentation with speech notes on architectural matters was written by Fiona Rothchilds for Maria Filardo’s first presentation to a new Canberra-based business referral networking group. The PowerPoint slides and speech were developed in October 2014 in consultation with Maria Filardo.
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