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7 tips for dissertation acknowledgements

PROVIDING ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF ASSISTANCE OR IDEAS IS AN IMPORTANT PART OF PROFESSIONAL ETIQUETTE. The following seven examples of dissertation acknowledgements were read in students’ final year projects on the Acknowledgements page. 1) I would like to express my very great appreciation to Dr *** for her valuable and constructive suggestions during the planning and development

Eleven business presentation planning tips

THE FIRST BUSINESS PRESENTATION YOU ARRANGE COULD ARRANGE YOUR CAREER. In our work life we’re often required to present to our business associates, colleagues and client-base. These presentations can be managed with some team effort and attention to detail so everyone invited can make it to your presentation on time. Here are 11 tips on

Harvard Style Tips

WHAT IS HARVARD STYLE? Harvard is an author-date referencing system with in-text citations and a reference list. This style is widely accepted in the physical, natural and social sciences and is sometimes used in the humanities.  General Guidelines for Harvard style  Format Author, AA, Year, Title, Publisher, Location. Editor, (ed.) Year, Title, Publisher, Location. Author, Year,

What it takes to be a mystery shopper…

MYSTERY SHOPPERS In general, mystery shoppers need to have an eye for detail and good communication skills when they visit a business and pose as a potential customer. They typically make an enquiry, listen to what is offered to them by the counter staff, and then back out of the potential transaction. A mystery shopper will

Business Intelligence Analysis

WHAT IS BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE? IS THAT AN OXYMORON? A Business Intelligence Analyst makes a leading contribution to the development, planning and production of intelligence outputs and outcomes. Intelligence Analysts are primarily concerned with the production of value-added product from the collection, evaluation and analysis of information, including bulk datasets and special collections. These professionals have

Recruitment and interview processes

WHAT DOES A SCRIBE DO AS PART OF THE INTERVIEW PROCESS? The interview process is an opportunity for a business consultant involved in recruitment to view an organization, agency or company from the inside out. The Human Resources team with a government agency or department plays an important role in delivery of its People Management strategy.

I want to be a Communications Officer

I WANT LOTS OF ATTENTION AND PULICITY AND FREE TICKETS … Sometimes the glamour of being in the media is difficult to shake off … Within the government sector, a federal agency plans, develops and ensures delivery of a range of government services and commercial enterprises for a specific set of target audiences. The Communications

5 fantastic tips for special occasion writing!

WRITING FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION MEANS ADOPTING THE RIGHT ATTITUDE. Here are five tips for Welcome/Congratulations/Gratitude/Farewells/Remembrance writing: If you’re writing about someone who is now retiring after an exhausting work life involving international travel, i.e. “I’ve been to Bali too…”, avoid listing all the countries, pubs and venerated shrines they’ve visited while on work-related trips.

5 practical tips for speech writing.

WRITING FOR A SPEECH IS DIFFERENT TO WRITING FOR THE WORDS TO BE QUIETLY READ. Think of who is going to hear the speech rather than who would read the speech on a piece of paper. Speech writing for a work event, wedding or fond-farewell can seem a daunting task if you have not prepared for
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